A new patent from Nintendo shows a dock with a great cable management solution that could be used for the Switch 2!

The Nintendo Switch is a truly unique console that blends together handheld and couch gaming. Although, despite its extremely clever design, there are still a couple of gripes that gamers have with the system.

One of the problems that many Nintendo fans have with the Switch 2 is cable management with the console’s dock. However, Nintendo is aware of this complaint and has now patented a dock design for much simpler cable management!

Switch in Docked Mode

The Nintendo Switch 2 Dock Could Have Rotating Ports

A new Nintendo patent, which was first reported on by Nintendo Life, details a dock that looks remarkably similar to the one of a Nintendo Switch that features rotating cable ports.

The dock patent features a rotating ‘swivel block’ that houses the HDMI, LAN, and AC adapter on one side and USB ports on the other. Meanwhile, the dock itself has gaps for wires on either side.

This 180-degree rotating design will allow gamers to feed wires through either side of the dock, making cable management easier. It will also let the Switch dock be placed on either side of the TV without bending or damaging wires.

Nintendo Switch Dock Rotating Ports Patent

While Nintendo may not use this rotating ports patent in the Switch 2, it certainly indicates that the developer is considering dock cable management. Therefore, we expect to see some kind of solution for this issue in Nintendo’s next console.

With the Switch 2 supposedly releasing in March 2025, expect to hear some news about the console later this year. Stay tuned for an official announcement from Nintendo in the coming months!

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