A fresh source of leaks surfaced before the Nintendo Direct on June 21, and now that it has aired, we can confirm it accurately predicted all the significant announcements.

With the passage of time, gaming leaks have witnessed a steady increase. This abundance of leaks makes it increasingly challenging to discern the credibility of each source.

Nonetheless, a newcomer in the realm of leaks has emerged, and their insights have remarkably proven to be true.

Leaker Correctly Reveals Nintendo Direct Reveals

The leaker, known as Pyoro_ND, revealed early information on their Twitter account, and until now, it was unclear on the reliability of their tweets.

The new leaker correctly predicted multiple announcements, including the new Super Mario game and a remake of a classic SNES game.

Nintendo Direct announced Super Mario: Wonder as the Japanese company’s latest adventure into the plumber’s world, proving this information true.

Additionally, a remake of Super Mario RPG from 1996 was confirmed. This was the SNES classic that Pyoro refers to in their tweet.


It was not only Mario games the leaker was right about. The insider also tweeted a cryptic GIF alluding to a potential Detective Pikachu game.

Once again, the credibility of Pyoro_ND was increased when Nintendo did announce a new game based on the Pokemon character.

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