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New Nintendo Direct Leak Suggests Pokemon Announcement This Week

A new Nintendo Direct leak suggests that fans could be getting to see new Nintendo titles soon.

Nintendo fans are long overdue a new Nintendo Direct. 2021 is off to a slow start for games and Nintendo doesn’t appear to have much to show off to players currently.

New information has suggested that a new Nintendo Direct could be coming at some point this week. There are more than a few expected titles that could be making an appearance too.

A leaker has suggested that a new Nintendo Direct could be closer than we expect. Perhaps Nintendo does have some surprises in store for fans after all.

Nintendo Direct 2021

A new Nintendo Direct could be making an appearance relatively soon. Furthermore, Nintendo Switch owners are already speculating what is coming to the popular console.

This news isn’t surprising after some users spotted the Nintendo Direct archives on Youtube were being heavily edited.

A French leaker by the name of ‘Kelios’, who has proven reliable in the past for correctly leaking an unannounced Nintendo Direct has suggested news is coming soon.

Furthermore ‘Kelios’ has also hinted at what kinds of games we might expect to see from the Nintendo Direct. The result might be a pleasant surprise for Pokemon fans.

Kelios hints on Twitter that the new Nintendo Direct is focused around Pokemon. He writes on Twitter “Pokémon Direct le mois prochain” which translates to “Pokemon Direct Next Month”.

As always, it’s important to remain skeptical with regards to leaks and rumors. However, given Kelios’ track record, perhaps we can put stock into this idea.

New 2021 Pokemon Game?

There are already rumors floating around concerning a new Pokemon game. This would also correlate quite nicely with Pokemon’s 25th anniversary in February.

The rumors concern a remake of two popular Pokemon games, Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl.

The rumored game is expected to be announced in 2021, so this correlates perfectly with Pokemon’s 25th anniversary.

This has been something Nintendo fans have been after for a while, so this would be a fitting time to announce it. A new Nintendo Direct provides the perfect opportunity.

New Nintendo Direct - Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Furthermore, fans might also be looking forward to the possibility of a Nintendo Switch Pro announcement. The console is generating a lot of discussion and speculation.

Nintendo leaks and rumors have been everywhere concerning the rumored console. Certain data-miners suggest that the Nintendo Switch Pro display is OLED.

Likewise, some insiders have been critical of the rumored console. Others who are skeptical have suggested reasons why the Switch Pro might not work well.

Despite this, we could see a surprise announcement for the Nintendo Switch Pro this week. It would certainly be an exciting way to kick off the new year for Nintendo fans.

If fans are really lucky, Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 could also make a surprise appearance at the new Nintendo Direct, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

However, if the Switch Pro is revealed some suggest that Zelda BOTW 2 will be its launch title.

We have our fingers crossed that a new Nintendo Direct will be coming this week. We will continue to keep you posted on updates in the mean-time.

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