It looks like MWZ will be getting a second map during MW3 Season 2 and, this time, Fortune’s Keep will be full of zombies!

Zombies fans have been enjoying MW3’s fresh new take on undead-killing action. However, with very little new content since Season 1 dropped, many players don’t have much to do in the game mode.

Fortunately, a new Call of Duty trailer has hinted that Zombies is getting a whole new map – the ever-so-familiar Fortune’s Keep from Warzone!

Fortune’s Keep Zombies Map Teased

A new teaser for Call of Duty’s crossover with The Walking Dead features popular characters from the series, like Rick Grimes and Michonne, alongside a few images of Fortune’s Keep.

Of course, we already know that Fortune’s Keep is returning to Warzone in Season 2, thanks to some models of the map sent to content creators. However, a small detail in the crossover with The Walking Dead has hinted that the map will be coming to Zombies too.

Eagle-eyed Call of Duty fans spotted next to the picture of Rock Grimes in the trailer is the caption “Investigates Mysterious Zombie Nests in Fortune’s Keep”.

MW3 Rick Grimes Investigates Mysterious Zombies Nests in Fortunes Keep

This, alongside the images of the map in the teaser trailer, both points toward the map coming to Zombies during Season 2!

While Fortune’s Keep coming to MWZ has not been confirmed yet, a MW3 developer has already hinted that Zombies will get some very exciting content in Season 2. Hopefully, this includes the new Fortune’s Keep map!

Rick Grimes Skin Coming to MW3 Season 2 in The Walking Dead Crossover

If Fortune’s Keep does come to MWZ, we expect it to arrive at the start of Season 2, on February 7. However, it could also arrive in the Season 2 Reloaded update in mid-March. Stay tuned for more news about Zombies to see if this teaser was correct!

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