Despite rumors of cancellation, we’re getting another look at the MW2 Grand Prix multiplayer map thanks to a new datamine.

Modern Warfare 2’s Beta has come to an end, and we’re looking back fondly on our time with Infinity Ward’s upcoming shooter already. But there was one map that was curiously missing from the game’s trial.

Even with Activision showing off the Grand Prix map soon after the reveal of MW2 itself, the racing-themed arena was notably absent. In the last few weeks, all official mentions of the Grand Prix map have also been scrubbed from Call of Duty’s blog posts and social media.

But now, even though fans are speculating that the map may have been scrapped from the final release, new images reveal what the racetrack looks like in-game.

Marina Bay Grand Prix Map MW2
Image initially revealed and removed by Activision

Grand Prix Map Images Revealed in New Modern Warfare 2 Datamine

New images taken from the MW2 Beta UI and loading screens revealed sections of the Grand Prix map in all its glory. Despite the removal of real-world branding, it is evident the MW2 map takes place at the Singapore Grand Prix in Marina Bay.

This Grand Prix is a real event that’s taking place this Sunday, October 2, which could explain the reason for the map’s postponement.

It’s entirely possible that Activision (or the FIA) was concerned about the implications of turning the track into a shootout right before the actual Singapore GP took place. Alternatively, perhaps the map could get another reveal at the official event.

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Marina Bay Grand Prix Modern Warfare 2
Image initially revealed and removed by Activision

It seems that the map features the race track’s starting grid, with cars actively driving around the map. What’s more, players can head into the pit garages and even seemingly further into the track’s back rooms and surrounding areas.

Although we can’t upload the new images here, you can see them all in the tweet below:

Thanks to Earthbound_Fan for sharing this datamine with us. We can only hope that the Grand Prix map does arrive on Modern Warfare 2’s release date.

Also coming at launch are a number of key changes and fixes that players have been demanding since the Beta went live. Here are all the confirmed fixes coming to MW2 on release day.

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