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New Modern Warfare & Warzone Update Fixes AS VAL and Nerfs SP-R 208

After masses of fan feedback, Infinity Ward finally fixes the AS VAL and nerfs the SP-R 208.

A new update is here for Modern Warfare and Warzone, and it’s bringing with it some much-needed fixes. Finally, these broken weapons are seeing some adjustments in the latest patch.

Both the AS VAL and SP-R 208 are seeing major changes in the new update to Warzone and Modern Warfare Multiplayer. These two weapons only recently got introduced to the game in the Season 6 update.

New Guns Season 6
(Source: Activision)

Despite this fact, both guns are proving to be a little over-powered, albeit in different ways. The AS VAL’s extreme bullet penetration has lead to it being the perfect weapon for killing enemies through cover.

As such, it’s become the perfect gun for those utilizing wall-hacks. The SP-R 208, on the other hand, is just too powerful.

Within days of release, it was quickly becoming the most powerful rifle in the game. In Warzone, where it could be properly used at range, it was capable of one-shotting players at extreme distance, with very few drawbacks.

However, it quickly became notorious as one of Modern Warfare’s best quick-scoping weapons.

Modern Warfare & Warzone: AS VAL Fix

The AS VAL fix is a simple one. Whilst the weapon is certainly powerful, in particular in close-quarters combat, it’s not necessarily broken.

AS VAL Warzone
(Source: Activision)

In Modern Warfare, it’s a force to be reckoned with. In Warzone, you’ll have to build it just right to compete at range.

But what did need fixing was the wall penetration, and Infinity Ward has delivered. Now, the SSP 10-R mags won’t allow bullet penetration through multiple walls.

Apparently, the magazine type was causing a bug that allows bullets to pass through surfaces easily. From now on, this problem should be more or less averted.

Modern Warfare & Warzone: SP-R 208 Nerf

On the other hand, the SP-R 208 has seen some major changes. The problem with the marksman rifle isn’t due to a bug, but instead, it stems from a major power creep.

SP-R 208 Warzone
(Source: Activision)

The weapon is simply too good, and that’s why Infinity Ward has seen fit to nerf it. Now, the SP-R 208 has increased flinch and a minor reduction to ADS speed.

With the .300 Norma Mag and the .338 Lapua Mag, the gun sees a reduction in both bullet velocity and ADS speed. Finally, the variable zoom scope has been moved closer to the player and again ADS speed has been reduced.

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These nerfs to aiming down sight likely aim to stop the SP-R being everyone’s quick-scoping weapon of choice. Even in short-range combat, the rifle is capable of zooming in quickly for the classic one-shot tactic.

Now, it seems the SP-R 208 will have to be used more for its intended purpose of long-range gunplay.

October 8th Patch Notes

The patch notes for the recent update are as follows:


  • Fixed an issue where players could survive in the gas while staying on the subway fast travel system


  • AS VAL:  
    • Fixed a bug where the SSP 10-R mags could allow bullet penetration through multiple walls 
  • SP-R 208:  
    • Increase to flinch 
    • Minor reduction to ADS speed 
    • Variable zoom scope
      • Moved weapon closer to the player while ADSing 
      • Small reduction to ADS speed
    • .300 Norma mag and .338 Lapua Mag ammo types: 
      • Reduction to bullet velocity 
      • Reduction to ADS speed 
  • SKS: Small reduction to ADS speed for variable zoom scopes 

Besides the weapon nerfs discussed above, Infinity Ward has also included the fix to the Warzone Season 6 subway game-breaking bug.

And whilst the guns may be nerfed, players will still benefit from the best AS VAL and SP-R 208 weapon loadouts when dropping into the popular shooter.

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