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New Modern Warfare & Warzone Technique Gives a Huge Speed Boost

There’s a new movement technique for Modern Warfare and Warzone that gives players a huge speed boost.

Call of Duty players are always discovering new techniques to help them get their better of their opponents. In an ever-changing meta, the only way to get ahead is to stay up to date on all the latest trends.

Now, this new Modern Warfare and Warzone technique leads to a player getting a huge speed boost. The potential uses in competitive matchmaking are limitless, and that’s why players are making sure they know how to use the trick for themselves.

Despite it being over a year since Modern Warfare released, this new movement technique is just now coming to light. But it’s one that might change the game for good.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone
(Source: Activision)

In the blink of an eye, players will be sliding across the enemy’s screen, ready to get the drop on them. When more Call of Duty players learn how it works, Modern Warfare and Warzone will get a lot faster paced.

How to Use The New Modern Warfare & Warzone Technique

To use the new Modern Warfare and Warzone speed boost technique, players need to know how to bunny hop. Effectively, the strategy involves sprinting, sliding, and jumping out of the slide animation.

Some players have labeled this new technique as a ‘super bunnyhop.’ This is because it’s basically the same tactic, but with far greater results.

A user on Reddit shows off the new speed boost technique, which has to start from a high area. When sprint-jumping off a tall section of the map, a player needs to slide upon hitting the ground.

Modern Warfare Warzone Speed Boost Technique
(Source: Activision)

From here, the player needs to jump almost immediately. For the best results, the jump needs to be performed at the beginning of the sliding animation.

When performed with enough speed, this trick leads to a player bouncing across the map. But when landing on a slope of any kind, the technique kicks into overdrive.

As shown in the clip below, landing this new Modern Warfare speed boost at the right time will help players get the drop on enemies with ease. And since Warzone runs on the Modern Warfare engine, both games should be able to use the new technique.

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