Call of Duty: Modern Warfare allows players to embark on a variety of different challenges – two of which involve the Platinum and Damascus weapon camos. If you’ve already unlocked both of these, then you’re in good hands. Infinity Ward has confirmed that there’s a new Master camo coming soon.

Call of Duty weapon camo challenges have been a staple in the franchise. Weapon camos are merely cosmetic, although they’re ideal if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd.

Ever since the launch of Modern Warfare, players have been grinding to acquire two of the most highly-demanded camos – Platinum and Damascus. Unfortunately, these challenges can be quite difficult to complete, given how the rewards up for grabs are rare.

New Master Camo Confirmed

Artpeasant – Infinity Ward’s Art Director – has previously hinted towards the existence of a new Master camo. However, they have now officially confirmed it’ll be launching soon via a new Reddit thread. In fact, Artpeasant claims the new Master camo will arrive towards the end of this month or the start of April 2020.

Modern Warfare Master Camo Reddit Comment 1

Since Season 3 is touted to launch at the start of April, it’s possible that the arrival of this new Master camo will tie in with its launch in some way, shape or form. Infinity Ward is yet to comment on what it will look like, but it’ll probably be worth getting.

How to Get New Master Camo in Modern Warfare

The new Master camo won’t be locked behind any sort of paywall. Instead, Joel Emslie notes it will be available through achievement. Essentially, you can unlock through actually playing the game rather than heading over to the in-game store.

Modern Warfare Master Camo Reddit Comment 2

Weapon camos are usually available via completing challenges, although it’s common for cosmetic items to be found in the store. It’s unclear as to what challenges players will have to complete in order to get the new Master camo. They’ll likely require a fair amount of effort, regardless.