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New Modern Warfare Ghost Easter Egg Sparks Confusion

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Ghost has arrived in Modern Warfare, but not as you may expect. The iconic character has made an appearance courtesy of a new easter egg in multiplayer.

When the Modern Warfare series comes to mind, we often remember Ghost as one of the main characters. Ghost has made an appearance in past Campaigns.

In the build-up to Modern Warfare, there were a lot of theories as to whether or not Ghost will arrive in the game. As we approach 2020, it appears as though Infinity Ward is gearing up for something major with the character.

As pointed out by PrestigeIsKey, players are reporting a new Modern Warfare Ghost easter egg in-game. If you come across almost any TV in multiplayer, you’ll notice a fading skull – presumably resembling Ghost. It’s important to note that these teasers have only just emerged.

Is Ghost Coming as an Operator in Season 2?

There could be one logical explanation for these teasers. Perhaps Infinity Ward will release Ghost as an operator in the game.

Although it might seem like a stretch, there’s a strong possibility of this happening. With Modern Warfare Season 1 now in full swing, fans are looking forward to what’s next on the horizon.

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It’s no coincidence that these teasers have only just begun rolling out with the launch of Season 2 in a month or so. Season 2 would be the perfect opportunity for Ghost to release an operator.

Unfortunately, if the character does make his way into the game, in order to acquire it you’ll need to presumably purchase a bundle. Similar to operator Nikto, it might come at a hefty price of $20.

Prior to the game’s release, Ghost was also spotted as an operator within the in-game files. The files suggest that Ghost will be part of the Coalition team, although Infinity Ward has not yet confirmed this.

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