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New Metroid Game Leaks at Walmart, Releasing in 2021

It looks as though a new Metroid game is on the way, and new leaks reveal it’s releasing in 2021.

It’s a big time for gaming, as E3 2021 is just around the corner. And before the biggest gaming event of the year is here, we’ve got leaks taking center stage.

We’ve already heard about Nintendo’s leaked E3 plans, including Splatoon 3, Zelda, Smash Bros., and more. And now, it looks like Metroid will be joining that lineup.

After a new leak at Walmart reveals a new Metroid title is on the way, this leaker is confirming it for a 2021 release date.

metroid Samus
(Source: Nintendo)

In case you missed it, there were some credible leaks about the new 4K Nintendo Switch very recently. And leakers are already confirming that Pokemon Legends: Arceus will get a huge upgrade on the Nintendo Switch Pro.

New Metroid Game in 2021

It’s been 4 years since out last Metroid title, and even that was a remake of Metroid 2. Now, a brand-new Metroid game could be coming in 2021.

Metroid is one of Nintendo’s most iconic brands, but it’s one that gets very little attention. That could all be about to change though, judging by a new leak on the Walmart Canada website.

On the Canadian site, Walmart is currently listing a new Metroid game for Nintendo Switch. As of right now, very little about the placeholder listing is being revealed – but retailers often get insider information about upcoming releases.

After all, we just saw the Nintendo Switch Pro leak on Amazon!

Sometimes a leak like this means very little, but it looks like this one could be legit. Trusted leaker Samus Hunter was quick to comment on the new development.

walmart metroid leak
(Source: Walmart)

“The new Metroid is one of the projects planned for 2021, with the game expected to be released after the anniversary around Sept/Oct,” the leaker writes. “As I’ve said, while I don’t yet know the lineup of titles unveiled at E3, I’m convinced we’ll see it.”

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According to the insider, the new Metroid game could release in September/October this year. Around this time, Nintendo will allegedly be celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Metroid franchise.

It stands to reason that this will be a major Metroid release and that we’ll hear more about it at E3 2021. However, whether or not it’s the long-awaited Metroid Prime 4 is anybody’s guess.

UPDATE: WalmartCAGaming’s Riley Little is confirming that the Metroid listing has been online since the Metroid Prime 4 announcement. But while the listing may not be new, the following information certainly is!

Samus Hunter is also confirming that a Metroid Prime Trilogy HD remake is in the works, but they don’t believe that’s what this listing is either.

Rumors indicate that we’re about to get a new Pokemon Presents event ahead of E3. And with a huge Nintendo E3 show on the way this year, there’s definitely plenty of space to introduce a new Metroid title!

There are also BIG reveals coming for both Pokemon and Zelda in our near future. Unfortunately, there’s also a big Nintendo Switch shortage coming later this year.

The Nintendo Switch is already reporting insane sales figures in 2021 – just wait until a Metroid announcement has fans acting crazier than usual!

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