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New Mario Leak Teases Unexpected Next Game

A leak on an official developer Twitter page has teased the development of a new Mario game.

The Mario series, mainline or not, has never been one to stray from a little bit of weirdness.

Whether the plumber is facing off against giant sentient bombs, shadow versions of himself, or even photo-realistic dragons, the series' creativity has always strayed towards the quirkier side of life.

It's been a short while since the last Mario game, which means it's high time we get some more announcements soon.

Thankfully, Super Mario 3D World is returning to the Switch very soon with some bonus content. The new Bowser's Fury trailer looks incredible, and Nintendo has even confirmed a fan-favorite character will be playable too.

Super Mario 3D World and Bowser's Fury
Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

While fans are desperate to get their hands on the Wii U port, a new announcement certainly wouldn't go amiss.

Luckily, a new tease for a potential sequel to a popular Mario game has arisen. And it's for one of Nintendo's most surprising successes.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Sequel Tease

That's right; a new game in the Mario + Rabbids series could be coming soon.

The first game, Kingdom Battle, was a complete surprise for Nintendo fans. Such a crossover between one of gaming's biggest ever mascots and arguably one of its most annoying, was a collaboration nobody could say they'd seen coming.

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Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

The game was a total potshot, a turn-based tactics game brandishing the Mario and Rabbids brand together. It was new territory for both brands and was by all accounts, a complete risk.

Not only were fans shocked by the game's announcement, made alongside Shigeru Miyamoto himself at E3 2017, but the game itself was a bombshell of sorts.

Nobody expected the game of course, but even fewer people thought the game would actually be good. Naturally, it takes a lot to assign a Mario license to a product, but the game's success still came as a surprise.

The game sold just over two million copies, making it the best-selling Switch game not published directly by Nintendo at the time. It was a big win for Nintendo, but an even bigger win for Ubisoft.

But, it looks like another win could be on the horizon, as a new game for the series has been teased.

This comes alongside more leaks, including another leak for a major new Mario game.

The Mario + Rabbids 2 Leak

The tease for a new game in the Mario + Rabbids has been teased by a social media change that by any other account, would be rather mundane. However, fans have latched onto it, and firmly believe that it confirms another game in the series.

Fans on Reddit have pointed out that the Rabbids' Twitter account has altered its core branding.

At a quick glance, it's easy to see that their username has now been changed. What was once @RabbidsOfficial is now @MarioRabbids.

This may seem like a dull change, but the Mario leak could mean so many exciting things. The Rabbids' branding, which was once connected to the Rayman series, now bases its identity on its appearance alongside Mario.

Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gameplay
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

This makes sense given the first game's success, but why make the change now? Many fans believe this change is an indicator of the Rabbids becoming more involved in Mario's world.

More DLC is unlikely so far into the game's life, so many believe that this indicates plans for a new game.

This has excited many fans, and it's a great clue that Mario could be returning to turn-based combat once again.

Leaks for Mario games are mounting for 2021, with another game being leaked to come this year. Plus, according to even more leaks, a new Pokémon Direct could be coming this week.

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