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New Leak Hints at Zombies in Warzone Season 6

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 is just around the corner, and it looks like zombies could be on the menu. A new leak for the popular battle royale has determined that zombies are already in the game’s files.

Zombies have always been integral to the Call of Duty formula, and it looks like the game mode will finally have its chance to shine. This Halloween, we could be seeing the undead become part of Warzone.

According to a set of new datamined voice lines, Zombie Royale is an upcoming mode for Warzone. It seems that zombies will be the biggest threat in the game on release, although the gas ring will still be ever closing in.

What we can learn from the voice lines is that zombies will be immune to the Warzone gas. In fact, the undead are actually stronger in its presence.

Players now have two threats to worry about when leaving the play area.

Zombie Royale: What is the Objective?

Call of Duty Zombies
(Picture: Call of Duty Zombies)

It seems that Zombie Royale won’t be your standard battle royale game. Players may actually have to work together to prevent becoming a part of the deceased.

One voice line suggests that a helicopter needs protecting from the hordes, and if it goes down, players will have to fight their way out. Humans appear to have the goal of extracting, whereas those killed likely respawn as zombies.

When you’re a zombie, your goal is simple. Consuming human remains will cause you to respawn as a member of living once more.

Therefore, we can imagine that the game mode will still have some element of PVP, between zombie and human players. Squads must have at least one human player alive to extract, and the last team of living players wins the Zombie Royale.

Another way for a zombie player to respawn as a human is to be bought back at a Buy Station. This eliminates the need for zombies to go on the offensive, but it wouldn’t hurt to take out some enemy players too.

Zombies Have Special Abilities

Call of Duty Zombies
(Picture: Call of Duty Zombies)

When you’re a zombie, it’s unlikely that you’re going to be armed. With that in mind, developers have added unique special abilities for undead players.

The voice lines don’t indicate exactly what abilities the zombie players will be harnassing. However, we can imagine that there will be an easy way to track down enemy team’s human survivors.

We also know that you’ll be immune in Warzone’s gas, and actually made stronger by its presence. Presumably, zombies will also respawn after being defeated.

One voice line indicates that headshots appear to be the only way to kill a zombie, though whether or not this is true for Zombie Royale remains to be seen.

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Easter Eggs are Inbound

Call of Duty Warzone squad

To those who have played a Call of Duty Zombies mode before, the fact that the upcoming mode will contain Easter Eggs is likely no surprise. The game mode appears to have a brief storyline.

With a series of recordings that can probably be tracked down in-game, there appears to be a few secrets in Zombie Royale. The voice memos indicate that samples must be destroyed.

After that, a correction code needs to be entered to sterilise the surrounding labs. What comes next, we’ll likely have to wait until Zombie Royale releases to find out.

The game mode is likely releasing in October as part of a Halloween update. It’s likely that Zombie Royale won’t be a permanent inclusion to the game, so players should take advantage whilst they can.

It’s worth noting that Zombies is usually a big part of the Black Ops franchise. Some fans suggest that this could come as the rumoured Cold War update to Warzone.

In that case, perhaps the mode is permanent, rather than simply being a Halloween exclusive.

Whatever the case, we don’t have long to wait. Bring on the Zombie Royale!

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