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New Leaked Image of Ural Mountains Warzone Map Surfaces

The new Verdansk ’84 map has just arrived in Warzone, but a leak has revealed an image of the Ural Mountains map!

There had been plenty of rumors flying around about a potential map set in the Ural Mountains at the beginning of the year. However, Warzone got a reworked version of Verdansk instead.

It is thought that many of the locations that were going to be part of the Ural map, were actually turned into the new POIs for Verdansk ’84.

This left the future of the Ural Mountains Warzone map totally up in the air, with some leakers reporting that the map won’t release any time soon.

While this does seem likely, a leaker has revealed an image of what could be another place from the Ural Mountains map. This has sparked a conversation about the map once again.

Warzone Season 3

Ural Mountains Leaked Ice Rink Image

The whole new Warzone map hype was started by the first image of the Ural Mountains map leaking online. Now, a new picture has surfaced online, showing what was likely another part of the Ural Mountains Warzone map.

The pixelated image shared by leaker @TheGhostOfMW shows what looks like an ice hockey rink. This could have been one of the POIs in the leaked Ural Mountains map.

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The Soviet flags and symbol on the wall certainly show that the location is in the 80s, rather than modern-day. However, this image reveals nothing more.

Whether or not the Ural Mountains map ever arrives in Warzone now is unsure, but it is nice to see what could have been. But don’t rule out seeing this new POI come to Verdansk ’84 either!

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Additionally, it is rumored that Warzone could get a WWII-themed map next year too.

Meanwhile, a load of wall glitches are ruining Warzone Season 3. There’s no way to beat players who get under the map!

Players also hate the new Gulag in Season 3 as well. Maybe the Ural Mountains Warzone map would bring a new Gulag with it too?

The ground loot in the new Warzone Season is terrible too! Despite all this, players are still enjoying the new update though.

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