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New Horizon Forbidden West Trailer Reveals Story Details, Villain & More

Check out the brand-new Horizon Forbidden West trailer which revealed more about the games, story, characters, and main villain!

The sequel to PS4 smash-hit adventure Horizon Zero Dawn is right around the corner now and PlayStation fans are eager to find out more about Forbidden West.

The Horizon Forbidden West reveal was Sony’s most-watched State of Play ever and hype for the game has been high ever since then.

Even the game’s release date being delayed by a few months didn’t stop the anticipation from building. Now we are finally getting some more information about Forbidden West.

Check out the new Horizon Forbidden West story trailer below to learn about the villain. Plus, some familiar faces will be returning too!

In case you missed it, check out the Horizon Forbidden West Tribes Trailer too which reveals even more about the colorful locations you’ll be exploring.

Horizon Forbidden West Aloy and Varl
Guerrilla Games

Horizon Forbidden West Story, Returning Characters & Villain Revealed in New Trailer

PlayStation fans were blown away by the new Horizon Forbidden West gameplay and combat systems but still knew very little about the game itself.

Luckily the latest trailer for the game has revealed a lot more of what you can expect. It looks very exciting indeed!

With the machines out of control, Aloy ventures into the Forbidden West – a region full of dangerous enemies. The secrets to getting the mechanical beasts back under control lie there.

One of these dangerous enemies is Regalla, who seems to be the main villain of the game. She controls and weaponizes the machines, making her a threat to peace in the Forbidden West.

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Horizon Forbidden West Hunters
Guerrilla Games

The trailer also features some returning characters including the mysterious Sylens as well as Aloy’s allies Erend and Varl. They will be joining Aloy on her journey in the Forbidden West.

Finally, the trailer features a character called Tilda. She may appear very futuristic but apparently has a link to the ancient past.

If you like the look of the trailer below, be sure to check out the different editions of Horizon Forbidden West you can pre-order!


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