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New Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Disc & Digital Bundles Revealed

There’s a brand new PS5 bundle releasing soon and it includes the amazing PlayStation exclusive Horizon Forbidden West!

Buying a PS5 has been a struggle for gamers the console came out in November 2020. However, restocks in recent months have been particularly scarce.

While this is down to the ongoing PS5 stock shortage that will continue throughout the year, there is another reason why behind the lack of PS5 restocks recently. However, it’s a good one.

PlayStation Direct has just revealed two new PS5 bundles featuring the critically acclaimed PlayStation exclusive Horizon Forbidden West. Therefore, the retailer could have been saving the PS5 consoles to sell as part of these new bundles.

Check out the bundles below to see if you want to buy one!

But first, find out the easiest way to get a PS5 right now!

Horizon Forbidden West Gold
Guerrilla Games

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Disc & Digital Bundles Coming at PlayStation Direct Soon

You’ll want to make sure you know how to buy a PS5 from PlayStation Direct! New listings on the PS Direct website have confirmed that there will be new Horizon Forbidden West bundles going on sale soon.

These new bundles are pretty simple. They come with the Disc or Digital version of the PS5 as well as the game Horizon Forbidden West.

This is perfect for gamers who want the new console but don’t need the extra accessories included in most bundles.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when these Horizon Forbidden West PS5 bundles will go on sale, how much they will cost, or when they will release yet. This information will surely be available soon though.

However, you’ll want to sign up for PS5 restock email invites at PS Direct to have the best chance of getting one!

Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Bundles
Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Disc & PS5 Digital Edition Bundles

Meanwhile, if you can’t wait for this bundle to drop, make sure you know where to find PS5 restocks in May 2022!

Although, before you do that, find out all of the details about the huge Walmart PS5 restock coming soon!

Plus, the Horizon Forbidden West PS5 bundles are bound to be extremely popular. Make sure you know how to beat scalpers and secure your PS5.

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