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New Halo Infinite Gameplay Leaks From Insider Playtest

The Halo Infinite Tech Preview is about to go live, and we’re already getting new gameplay leaks from a recent insider playtest.

If you’re in the mood for some more Halo Infinite gameplay, today is your lucky day! Not only are we getting the chance to play 343 Industries’ upcoming shooter again very soon, but new gameplay is leaking too.

It seems that the latest Halo Infinite playtest is accidentally being shared a little too much. While this one was meant to be kept behind closed doors, some new leaks are appearing on the Xbox network.

halo infinite
(Source: 343 Industries)

But it won’t be long before we’re experiencing the game for ourselves once again. After all, Halo Infinite is getting 2 back-to-back weekends of Technical Previews!

Here’s how to get access to the Arena PVP and Big Team Battle Halo Infinite flights,

New Halo Infinite Leaked Gameplay

In a series of new Halo Infinite gameplay leaks, we see new maps, modes, weapons, and more!

After a recent Halo Infinite insider playtest, we’re already getting new leaks straight from the Xbox servers. It seems that while players were under NDAs this time around, some clips are accidentally being shared.

HaloDotAPI on Twitter noticed that new Halo Infinite insider uploads were appearing on the Xbox network. These clips are all in the public domain, and contain new footage of the game’s latest playtest.

Perhaps this is how we’ll finally see more of Halo Infinite’s leaked Battle Royale mode!

What’s more, it seems that even some Microsoft and 343 employees also uploaded Halo Infinite clips accidentally. Although all uploads are in breach of the NDA, it seems that the ability to upload gameplay snippets didn’t get any kind of restrictions.

Here are just a few of the new Halo Infinite gameplay clips which may soon receive copyright claims:

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In other news, it seems that Antonline will have the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X console for pre-order!

This news comes hot on the heels of the announcement that the Limited Edition Halo Xbox Series X pre-orders are over in the US.

Meanwhile, there’s a new big leak containing several new Halo Infinite maps. And it seems we’re already seeing all of the Halo Infinite Fractures armors coming to Season 1 & 2!

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