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New Halo Infinite Armor Effects Leaked

Halo Infinite players will be getting some more stunning armor customization options soon – check out these leaked armor effects!

Part of the fun in Halo multiplayer is customizing your Spartan. Although the cosmetics in Halo Infinite have come under fire from fans so far.

Players recently called Halo Infinite’s Fracture: Tenrai microtransactions the most disappointing yet but this is just the latest in a long line of complaints.

Luckily, the disappointing microtransactions should be left in the past if these leaked armor effects are anything to go by!

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343 Industries

Upcoming Halo Infinite Armor Effects Revealed – Synthhawk & Perfect Circle

Leakers have already revealed that classic game modes like Infection, Grifball, and extraction are coming to Halo Infinite soon and now there are more leaks on the cosmetic front.

At the moment, players can only get the flaming ‘Judgement’ armor effect in the Season 1 Battle Pass. With no other ones available right now, it makes sense that players are eager to see what other effects will be coming soon.

Luckily, Twitter account @HaloNoticiasMX has revealed two upcoming armor effects that players will be able to customize their armor with.

Firstly, the ‘new Synthhawk’ armor effect will give Halo Infinite players a cyberpunk look with pink and white glowing spikes. This will be part of the upcoming Cyber Showdown event.

What’s more, players should be able to unlock this armor effect for free as part of the event pass.

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Secondly, the ‘Perfect Circle’ armor effect gives players a halo that appears to be made of water. It’s not known how you will be able to unlock it yet, however, we can imagine that it will be very popular.

Players who are boycotting the Halo Infinite item shop will certainly hope that they can unlock it free.

What do you think of these leaked new armor effects coming to Halo Infinite soon? Will you be equipping them to your Spartan when they release?

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In other news, 343 Industries is working hard to improve the game. Firstly, a Halo Infinite anti-cheat patch is coming soon.

Then, the team is working on a fix for desync issues in Halo Infinite. This is one of the worst problems in the game at the moment.

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