In a brief but spooky Halloween-themed livestream, Nintendo has revealed a brand-new Ghost-type Pokemon called Greavard coming to Scarlet & Violet.

If you’ve been following the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet train of trailers and teasers for some time, you’ve likely caught a glimpse at all the new Pokemon they’ve announced.

From a cuddly electric frog that is used by an influencer Gym Leader to a cute dog that looks like a loaf of bread, these new Pokemon are certainly impressing fans.

Fortunately, we’ve been treated to a look at a cute ghost dog called Greavard that seems to suck the life out of you. Spooky.

What Is Greavard in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Greavard debuted in the mystery livestream on the official Pokemon YouTube channel that aired today. It is a brand new Ghost-type Pokemon coming to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

The cute dog-like Ghost Pokemon that has a candle on the top of its head that peeks out whenever it burrows itself underground.

Greavard’s Stats

Category: Ghost Dog Pokemon
Type: Ghost
Height: 2′
Weight: 77.2 lbs.
Ability: Pickup

Greavard loves to play with trainers. However, as is evident in the trailer, it seems to absorb your energy, making you collapse.

Greavard may just be another in a long line of all the brand-new Gen 9 Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet. However, its mix of cute and deadly make it a potentially formidable foe.

What Are Greavard’s Abilities?

Greavard has the ability Pickup which allows it to equip a one-time use item that its opponent has just used. For example, if your opponent uses an Oran Berry, Greavard will equip it and use it later on.

It also has powerful jaws that can shatter bones, but does not have the strong jaw ability.

Greavard from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet playing in the snow

This ability will be hugely helpful for trainers hoping to take advantage of their opponent. Essentially, Greavard allows players to utilize their opponent’s strengths against them.

You can also see it use moves like Crunch in a gameplay trailer that was released a little while after the initial livestream.

Greavard’s Stats

  • Category: Ghost Dog Pokemon
  • Type: Ghost
  • Height: 2′
  • Weight: 77.2 lbs.
  • Ability: Pickup

If you’re interested in learning what other Pokemon are coming, then why not check out the new evolution for an iconic Gen 2 Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet?

What Is Greavard’s Evolution?

It is currently unclear as to what Greavard’s evolution will be or if it will evolve at all. Pokemon is yet to confirm an evolved form, however from its design alone, it isn’t hard to imagine a much bigger dog as its evolution.

Greavard with its tongue hanging out

It is possible that we’ll have to wait until Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s release date to learn more about this adorable ghost dog.

Gengar & Mimikyu Confirmed For Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The livestream also confirmed that the Ghost-type Pokemon Gengar and Mimikyu will be coming to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Mimikyu from Pokemon walking across a dark forest

They are both spotted roaming around the forest at night. This is undoubtedly very exciting for fans of both of these iconic Ghost-type Pokemon.

Of course, there is also the nightmarish version of another iconic Pokemon coming to Scarlet & Violet which is odd, to say the least.

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