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New Gameplay Offers Closer Look at Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ray Tracing on PS5

Spider-Man Miles Morales releases alongside the PS5, even before it in some regions. But the more we see of the game running in 4K, the more impressed we are by its visuals. Now we’ve finally had the chance to see the game properly show off ray tracing on PS5.

Gone are the days when gamers could buy a new console and enjoy the graphical upgrades through any TV. This is the console generation where gaming visuals have improved to such an extent that only the most sophisticated and modern TVs can handle them in their full glory.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morals has looked impressive from the first time we saw its launch trailer. But the more we see, the more we’re in awe of its visuals when compared to Spidey’s 2018 outing.

This isn’t just down to the PS5’s use of 4K of course, but all the intricacies that enable its performance. Rapid frame rate refresh, a pixel count which is triple that of PS4, and ray tracing technology all help produce a stunning and realistic picture quality.

Here’s an example of ray tracing in action:

What is Ray Tracing on PS5?

Ray tracing is a light rendering technique that lets games create highly realistic lighting effects in their environments. It’s something that mimics the way natural light works and employs an algorithm to accurately predict the path light would realistically take.

It also governs how light moves, bounces off objects and reflects like it would in real life. Essentially it allows games to use light in ways that help the game world’s physics replicate something akin to the real world.

See exhibit B:

We’re not just impressed by how well the PS5 displays light, but also the lack of noise the console makes while playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Check out the games latest Spider-Man: Miles Morales trailer here.


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