New teasers sent to Call of Duty content creators have revealed a glimpse of an updated Fortune’s Keep map coming in Warzone Season 2!

Fortune’s Keep is the most underrated Warzone map so far. Launching in early Summer 2022, the map was great for fast-paced action, vertical plays, and exciting flanks.

However, it was only playable for a few months, as it was removed when Warzone 2.0 dropped in November of that year.

Fortunately, it will be coming back to Warzone in Season 2, and some teasers that content creators have received reveal that there will be some differences with this new version of Fortune’s Keep!

Warzone Fortune's Keep Lighthouse

Fortune’s Keep Teasers Reveal Map Changes

Call of Duty sent out models of Fortune’s Keep POIs in boxes marked Season 2 to Warzone content creators. These models show that there will be some major changes to the map.

Judging by the models, it looks like Fortune’s Keep has been hit by an earthquake. Familiar POIs like the Winery and the Keep itself are partially destroyed and have huge cracks in them.

This should open up more rotation points on the map and hopefully connect the surface of the island to the caves underneath more.

Additionally, one model shows a pier-like structure, which wasn’t present in the original version of Fortune’s Keep. Therefore, expect to see a couple of brand-new POIs in addition to updated locations.

The boat at the end of this pier almost certainly confirms that there will be water vehicles on the map too.

When Is Fortune’s Keep Coming Back?

Fortune’s Keep will be coming back to Warzone during MW3 Season 2, as the boxes that the models came in said Season 2 on them. Therefore, it will arrive on February 7, 2024, at the earliest.

Despite this, we expect to see Fortune’s Keep come to the game during the Season 2 Reloaded update, which will arrive in mid-March 2024. This is because previously, new small-scale Warzone maps have arrived in Reloaded updates.

Warzone Fortune's Keep Town

Stay tuned for more details about the updated version of Fortune’s Keep in the lead-up to Warzone Season 2. We are bound to hear more information about it in the next week.

Plus, Raven Software has recently shared another teaser for Rebirth Island’s return to Warzone. Hopefully the fan-favorite map arrives sooner rather than later!

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