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New Fortnite Leak Reveals Major Upcoming Skin

Kevin the Cube could be returning to Fortnite in the form of a new skin very soon, according to a new leak by dataminers.

Dataminers have been poking around in the new Fortnite update as usual, and some exciting details have emerged.

Renowned leaker and dataminer Mang0e has found that "Kevin Couture" had been updated with new materials in the new update. This implies that a Kevin skin could be coming very soon, plus another similar skin too.

You may remember Kevin well, but not exactly in humanoid form. The Cube (dubbed "Kevin" by players) first appeared in Fortnite in August 2018 as part of the Crack Closure event.

The mysterious object seemed to have been corrupted by the storm, granting it the purple color and storm-related abilities it is known for.

Cube fortnite kevin skin reveal leak concept
The Cube, during Fortnite's Crack Closure event

Prior to the Fortnitemares update, there was more information pertaining to Kevin's skin appearance to Fortnite too. Mang0e posted his findings of a "Fancy Kevin" skin set on Twitter, thought to be coming soon after.

Despite the skin not launching when expected, this leak had its credibility. It came with the leak of a jetpack, which was thought to be connected to Tony Stark.

It was only when Season 5 came around that we learned it was for The Mandalorian.

Mandalorian The Child Star Wars Grogu Fortnite Skin Kevin Leak Concept
The Mandalorian and The Child in Fortnite

The leaker suggested these skins would be a part of the "cube series", and that there was good reason to believe we'd see these items soon. But of course, we didn't see these items released.

The New Kevin Fortnite Skin Leak

Mang0e has now offered an update, and after looking through Fortnite's latest update's code, has found new information.

Speaking on Twitter, he said:

"Remember him? Kevin Couture has been updated with a "DigiRunes" material in 15.20. Interestingly enough, there is also a work-in-progress contrail for an upcoming skin called "CubeNinja"."

If the dataminer is correct, this means that not only will we see Kevin appear as a skin, but also some other cube-like figure too.

We expect that both Kevin Couture and his ninja counterpart will make their debut in Fortnite a whole season later than their initial leak, similar to Mando's jetpack. We know that it won't be Season 5's secret skin, but it's still possible that Kevin will arrive soon.

In anticipation of the return of Kevin in skin-form, 3D concept artist easkateconcepts has made a skin concept for Fancy Kevin.

@easkateconcepts' Fancy Kevin concept

We're looking forward to seeing Kevin join the roster of great Fortnite Skins, which now boasts Predator, along with its relevant unlock challenges.

He's certainly a nice addition to the battle royale game community, as Call of Duty Warzone has suffered some nerfs and patches this week. It looks like it could do with one more patch though, as a new glitch allows downed players to fire their guns.

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