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New Firebase Z Cold War Zombies Image Teased

We are two weeks away from a brand new zombies map coming to Black Ops Cold War called "Firebase Z" and Treyarch is eager to share more details.

Treyarch released another promotional image for Firebase Z today on their social media pages.

Firebase Z Image

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Firebase Z Image
Latest Image from Treyarch

Firebase Z is a new zombies map set in the jungles of Vietnam. Here, Requiem will have to rescue Samantha Maxis from their rivals, Omega Group, and shut down their nefarious schemes.

In the image, we see Samantha Maxis and two new characters. While the identity of these characters remains a mystery for the time being, we can speculate that one of these characters is Doctor Peck.

Doctor Peck is a character that was teased from last week's teaser images for Firebase Z. Doctor Peck being an Omega Group scientist involved with the experiments at Outpost 25, also known as Firebase Z.

Community Speculation

Some fans in the zombies community noticed that the man on the left resembles Tank Dempsey, one of our original zombies characters. The likelihood of this character having anything to do with Dempsey is slim to none. However, it would be a pleasant surprise if it did.

Others speculate that the man on the right is Richtofen. Many zombies fans believe Richtofen is set to return in Firebase Z because of the teaser images from last week. Someone by the name of "R" is sending images out to "M" so they know more about Firebase Z.

On the bottom of the image we see a demon-like enemy crawling near the logo. This looks like another brand new enemy to be introduced to Firebase Z. We already saw one of the new boss enemies from last week's images, so that means there are two special enemies in Firebase Z.

While the two enemies look similar, the one in this image has horns, while the other one mimics the look of a Margwa, an enemy we have seen in previous Call of Duty zombies maps.


Zombies fans everywhere are excited for Firebase Z to release on February 4th to experience the next chapter of the Dark Aether storyline.

We can only hope to get a trailer for Firebase Z soon to delve in to more details about this brand new experience.

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