Taking a penalty in FC 24 can be a nervous moment as you look to take the lead, claw back a goal, or go further ahead against your opponent; however, with this latest trick, the goalkeeper will have difficulty saving them.

When it comes to the 12-yard spot, you will need to keep your cool and remain composed. It can be easy to miss the target and blaze the ball over the bar.

Now, a new technique has emerged, making stopping penalties all the more difficult for the opposing side and very easy to pull off.

How to Do New FC 24 Penalty Trick

To make penalties harder for goalkeepers to save in FC 24, all you must do is:

  1. Wait for the circle to get small and turn green.
    • Ideally, you wait until it is as small as possible.
FC 24 Penalty Trick green circle
The circle is small, green, and hardly visible under the ball.
  1. Tap L1/LB & the Shoot button, then immediately let go of the controller
    • Classic: Circle/B
    • Alternate: Square/X
  2. You must let go so there is a minimal amount of power. The power should only be as shown in the image below
    • To get this power, we pressed the button combinations fast, and released our hands from the controller instantly.
FC 24 Penalty Trick power bar
The power bar shows a minimal amount of power.
  1. When the player starts moving to take the penalty, pick up the controller and angle the shot toward one of the bottom corners
    • You must get the player to shoot the ball as far away from the center as possible. The ball needs to be low and towards a corner.
  2. Now, even if the keeper dives, they will not be able to get their hands on it

The only way to stop this new FC 24 penalty trick is by staying in the middle and not touching the controller. This is because the keeper will automatically dive for “panenkas,” also known as chipped penalties.

As you can see in the video below, despite André Onana diving the correct way, he could not stop this penalty. This is because he dived to save it.

From our experience playing FC 24, this method is so effective because UT players are more likely to dive when attempting to save a penalty rather than standing still.

We would not suggest using this when playing against AI-controlled goalkeepers, as we found they stay down the middle more often.

Perfecting this technique can be challenging, so we recommend heading into the Practice Arena to test this FC 24 penalty trick yourself.

How to Practice Penalties

To practice these pens, you must:

  • Head to Learn to Play → Practice Arena
  • Then open the menu using Options/Menu
  • Select Free Kick
  • Drag the player until they are in the 18-yard box
  • Press X/A
  • You will now have a practice penalty
FC 24 Penalty Trick Practice Arena
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