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New Fall Guys Season 2 Bug Makes Winning Crowns Easy

Fall Guys Season 2 has brought with it new levels, costumes, and a bug which makes winning crowns easy.

Thanks to a new bug in one of Fall Guys' final stages, players are finding it easy to get their hands on Crowns. In Season 2 of Fall Guys, Mediatonic have kept their promise to make it easier to earn Crowns, but this new bug probably isn't part of their plan.

Because of the strange alteration to one of Fall Guys' final rounds, Crowns are now much more available. However, you'll still have to beat the competition if you want to win one.

How to Easily Win Crowns in Fall Guys

The first step in this procedure is the most tricky one. Getting an easy win in Fall Guys all depends on the final stage you're able to land on.

(Source: Mediatonic)

Once you've made your way to the final event in Fall Guys, you need to arrive in Jump Showdown to get an easy Crown. This is because the Total Wipeout-inspired stage has a brand new bug in play.

A post on the Fall Guys subreddit points out that Jump Showdown now has a far slower top speed. The spinning poles that attempt to knock players from the stage are now much easier to avoid as a consequence.

As a consequence, coming in first place is much easier than it was previously. However, you still have other players to contend with.

Stay away from other Fall Guys, as the easiest way to mess up here is by getting grabbed. Assuming you can dodge the slow-moving poles, you'll have no problem getting the Crown.

However, if other players are also still left alive, things become a tad trickier. Never fear, however, as the game has a secret timer running in the background.

If you're able to last just 5 minutes on the platform without being knocked to your death, you win. This win condition doesn't care how many players are still remaining.

The Bug Won't Last Forever

Although some users believe the issue to be a conscious decision on Mediatonic's part, this isn't the case at all. According to Lead Game Designer, Joe Walsh, the issue is certainly due to a bug.

(Source: Mediatonic)

Responding to fan complaints on Reddit, the Walsh commented:

"This looks like a bug that's slipped in somehow. Definitely not deliberate and we're looking into it today!"

Therefore, there's only a little while longer to take advantage of this easy win. Fall Guys players should take the opportunity while they still can.

As for getting to the final stage of Fall Guys, that part just got a whole lot easier. A new playlist now lets you play Fall Guys Season 2 with no Team Games.

Developer Mediatonic is finally giving players what they've always wanted. Now we have a chance to earn Crowns for the new Fall Guys Season 2 leaked skins.

If you're still struggling to get your hands on the Crown, here's our guide on how to win at Jump Showdown in Fall Guys.