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New Elden Ring Footage Leaks, Shows Off Incredible Open World

A new Elden Ring footage leak has appeared on social media, and it shows off the game's remarkable open world.

Elden Ring is looking to be one of the defining titles of the next generation of gaming.

We haven't even seen much of it yet, and we're still expecting it to be a revelation in the gaming world. The combination of director Hidetaka Miyazaki and legendary writer George R. R. Martin is a recipe for success.

Elden Ring Footage Leaks
Elden Ring

Recent reports suggested that an Elden Ring trailer was circulating among press and gaming insiders. This was an exciting notion and suggested the full trailer could see a release soon.

Regardless, it looks like a small portion of that trailer has finally leaked, and the game looks phenomenal.

Snippet of Elden Ring Trailer Leaks

Elden Ring's footage leak comes courtesy of the Twitter account SoulsHunt. We're not sure how the account got a hold of the trailer, but either way, at least we get a look in.

The first look at the leaked trailer starts mid-way through the official trailer, it would seem.

Elden Ring Footage Leaks
Elden Ring

The first frames take us through ancient structures. Castle-looking buildings, both in the open air and in underground chasms. A shot pans over what looks like an ancient underground temple, with water running through it.

The player character appears on a ridge overlooking the temple, seemingly ready to explore it. So far, the trailer seems to have a focus on underground civilizations, implying a plundering dungeon-crawler element to Elden Ring.

Perhaps the player character is here on a search for the titular Elden Ring itself.

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The trailer continues through these grand caves; the player heaves open huge doors and illuminates giant stalactites with a torch.

We see them make precarious jumps and balancing acts over huge drops. It's incredibly reminiscent of Dark Souls gameplay and is definitively a FromSoftware touch.

The final shot of the trailer is of a giant cog, but it cuts off there. The Elden Ring footage leak is a mere 16 seconds long.

It may be short, but it's incredibly exciting. It's littered with little FromSoftware-isms that imply the game will be a great extension of the Dark Souls universe.

Some fans have been skeptical as to whether the gameplay stylings of the Souls games will translate to an open world, but even so; the game looks stunning.

We may have to wait a little while until we're given some context for these clips and locations, but at least we have a small look-in to the new fantasy epic.

There's speculated to be an Elden Ring update coming in March- could the reveal of this trailer be it? We certainly hope so, after the rumor that it would be revealed at the recent State of Play conference.

If you need to know everything about the next premier fantasy franchise, here's everything we know about Elden Ring so far.

But if we actually want to play the game, we'll need to actually get our hands on a next-gen console first. Luckily, a huge 15,000-strong PlayStation 5 stock drop is releasing this week.

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