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New Easter Eggs Appear in Warzone, Free Blueprints up for Grabs

Warzone is having a literal hunt for Easter Eggs as we head into the Holiday weekend, and players can get their hands on exclusive Blueprints for taking part.

Activision’s battle royale has a few new Easter Eggs to discover, and we’re not talking about secrets. It seems that Warzone players will soon be taking part in an actual Easter Egg hunt, as colorful Easter Baskets begin to appear around the map.

We’ve only got a few more days or weeks until Verdansk is gone for good in Warzone. So why not send it off in style with one more festive event?

Easter Basket Warzon
(Source: Geeky Pastimes)

Although yesterday we discovered that the new Warzone map is just 1980s Verdansk, the map as we know it is about to change. So Activision looks to be sending it off in style, thanks to a new Easter Egg hunt that rewards players with exclusive Blueprints.

Easter Baskets and Easter Eggs in Warzone

When dropping into private matches of Warzone Plunder, players are discovering new Easter Baskets, filled with Easter Eggs, just lying around the map.

At the time of writing this, these strange new items are not available in standard battle royale, but they’re clearly set to drop this Easter weekend. We imagine they could go live as early as later today, giving players a weekend of Easter Egg hunting.

Meanwhile, missiles are flying over the map before Verdansk gets destroyed in place of a new Warzone arena.

When interacting with an Easter Basket, players will find a selection of goodies, including a literal Easter Egg. This golden item begins a Holiday Contract when picked up, and rewards fans with an exclusive Blueprint and cash for completing it.

Warzone Easter Eggs Contract
(Source: Geeky Pastimes)

Not only can you get your hands on rare Blueprints in this way, but you can also get hold of certain Easter Egg guns. Weapons such as the Red Room, Enigma, Firebrand, and more are up for grabs.

Reportedly, players can even get hold of the Bay of Pigs Blueprint which was only available during the Know Your History event.

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How to Complete Warzone’s Easter Egg Contract

  • Grab your Easter Egg and the Warzone contract will begin.
  • Then, head to the marked location on your map. You should see a white circle appear on the ground – stand in it.
  • Hold interact to call in a Cash Deposit Heli.
  • Wait and defend your area until the helicopter arrives, and interact with the cash bag which drops down.
  • Just like that, the contract will be complete and you’ll be given both $100,000 and your exclusive Blueprint!

Right now, the private matches do not let players keep those Blueprints, but we’re sure this will change when the Easter Eggs go live in Warzone.

The game is having some issues right now, and players think that Season 2 Reloaded was probably Warzone’s worst update of all time. After all, it even managed to bring Warzone’s helicopter miniguns back, complete with the invisibility glitch!

What’s more, a new game-breaking killstreak has arrived in Warzone in Season 2 Reloaded. Now, any player can get a win with ease.

YouTuber Geeky Pastimes shows us a complete guide to the Easter Eggs in Warzone below.

See all the details about Warzone’s upcoming nuke event right here!

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Rob Tullis

Sunday 4th of April 2021

Bay of Pigs Easter Egg is broken I have done it 3 times today and it is not being rewarded.

David Sroka

Friday 2nd of April 2021

I did both Bay of Pigs and Enigma in one lucky run, but B.O.P not credited. Any limit to this or bugs known yet?


Friday 2nd of April 2021

Video that shows the bay of pigs blueprint as the reward Watch "New Warzone Easter Egg!!!" on YouTube