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New Ditto Disguises Added in Pokemon GO TCG Crossover Event

Ditto, the Transform Pokemon, is one of the most elusive in Pokemon GO, luckily the TCG Crossover event has added a few more Ditto disguises. Here’s what they are!

There are hundreds of different Pokemon in Pokemon GO already. However, no matter how many they add, Ditto will always be one of the most difficult to find.

While it may not make our list of the top 10 rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO, Ditto is certainly one of the hardest to catch as it always disguises itself as another wild Pokemon.

Luckily, as part of the huge new Pokemon GO TCG Crossover event, Ditto is becoming a little easier to catch.

Pokemon GO Ditto

In addition to Ditto spawning more often during the TCG event, even more Pokemon could secretly be Ditto. Here’s the new Pokemon that Ditto will be disguising itself as after the TCG event update.

But first, can you catch shiny Ditto in Pokemon GO?

New Pokemon GO Ditto Disguises After the TCG Event

In addition to the existing Pokemon GO Ditto disguises for June 2022, there is a chance that these Pokemon will also be a transformed Ditto:

  • Spinarak
  • Numel
  • Bidoof

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And those are the three new Pokemon that can now secretly be a disguised Ditto in Pokemon GO. Make sure to catch as many of them as you can if you need to catch ‘Transform Pokemon’ for the April Fools Day quest.

Also, remember – you won’t know they are a Ditto until you’ve caught them. These Pokemon will appear to be normal, but after you’ve caught them you’ll get a message saying ‘Oh’ and it will transform into Ditto.

In other news, a huge new leak has revealed that Mimikyu and 50 other Pokemon are coming to Pokemon GO soon!

Pokemon GO Ditto Disguises & How to Catch - June 2022

Also, find out everything you need to know about the Pokemon GO TCG event:

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