New details on exploration in Starfield have come out as Todd Howard delves deeper into the game’s exploration in his latest interview.

With over 1,000 planets to visit in the space action RPG, exploration will be vital to the upcoming game. Fans are eager to know exactly how this will work in Starfield.

Let’s dive in and discuss all the details that Todd Howard has divulged and how exploration will be in Starfield.

Todd Howard Reveals New Details on Exploration in Starfield

Starfield is set to feature “a new way of exploring,” according to Todd Howard’s most recent interview with GQ.

With such an expansive universe that includes 1,000 planets throughout the game, exploration will consist of many possibilities, and traveling will be a much quicker experience than previous Bethesda productions.

The new system is touted as the “studio’s biggest mutation” in Starfield. The Director and Executive Producer at Bethesda Games said, “It’s not the same as dropping you in a world like Skyrim,” and “players will “wander differently.”

Bethesda has already confirmed that you will explore planets without the assistance of vehicles, relying solely on walking, running, or using your Boost Pack to navigate each terrain.

Starfield explorer in Cockpit

Exploring the multitude of planets in Starfield presents an intriguing opportunity. However, it’s essential to consider that dedicating time to exploring each world might not yield worthwhile results.

However, Howard insists that landing on a new planet and stepping off your ship will provide the same experience each time, even if you do it more frequently or land on a planet not worth your while.

“I think that moment works almost every time”

Todd Howard on landing and stepping onto planets in Starfield.

Previous information from the developers suggests that a substantial portion of the 1,000+ planets are barren and uninhabited. Therefore, players may want to focus their efforts on more promising destinations.

Additionally, while each area of the game may offer relatively short gameplay, players will be free to explore the entire planet on foot.

Temple in Starfield

Upon arriving at these destinations, you can choose a landing spot and have the option for fast travel to known locations.

Moreover, the exploration in Starfield doesn’t keep players waiting. As soon as the game begins, many new quests will lead players off-world within the opening hour.

“Within 45 minutes I have 12 new quests leading me off-world”

GQ Magazine

While not everyone will enjoy the new way to explore, many may welcome this fresh take on exploration in a Bethesda Studios game.

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