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New Demon’s Souls PS5 Gameplay Trailer Is Here

At long last, a brand new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Demon’s Souls PS5 remake is here.

Those who love the Dark Souls-style difficulty presented in FromSoftware games are eagerly awaiting Demon’s Souls’ release. The remake of the classic unfairly challenging title is set to launch alongside the PlayStation 5.

Now, a new trailer for Demon’s Souls PS5 is here, and it shows us an extended look at the upcoming title’s gameplay. With 5 minutes of content revealed, this is a great new look at the beautiful title.

Demon's Souls PS5
(Source: Bluepoint Games)

It truly is a huge step-up from the original in terms of graphical performance. In fact, Demon’s Souls might be the best looking PS5 game revealed to date.

But those who played the original Demon’s Souls are more focused on the actual gameplay of the remake. And it appears that Bluepoint’s work delivers on that front too.

New Demon’s Souls Gameplay Trailer

In this new gameplay trailer, we get a look at several sections of the Demon’s Souls world. First, the player uses a standard sword and shield build as they take on the Armored Spider boss.

Demon's Souls Armored Spider
(Source: Bluepoint Games)

Despite the game’s notorious difficulty level, the demo player dispatches the horrible arachnid with relative ease. Players looking to get their hands on the upcoming title should take notes on the tactics utilized.

After that, the player passes a noticeably slower crystal lizard and takes on some enemies using a mace. Shortly thereafter, they go up against the powerful Flamelurker.

Demon's Souls Flamelurker
(Source: Bluepoint Games)

This flaming boss gets the best of our player, and we see the infamous “You Died” for what is sure to be the first of many times. It has to be said that this boss battle looks incredible, with the PS5’s particle effects dialed up to eleven.

We also get a look at a two-handed sword in this encounter, though the player might have been better off blocking some attacks.

A quick montage of what’s to come finishes up the Demon Souls gameplay trailer. The game looks every bit as cinematic as a next-gen remake should, and we’re excited to get our hands on it soon.

With just two weeks to go until Demon’s Souls arrives in stores, players will have to try and contain their hype levels for a little longer. The PS5 is giving Demon’s Souls the second chance it always deserved, and there are few games more deserving.

After all, the game helped spawn a whole new genre of Souls-like titles. However, now the Demon’s Souls digital pre-order bonuses are causing controversy.