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New CX-9 SMG Is Overpowered in Warzone, Even Before Release

Warzone's new CX-9 SMG is already turning heads, with battle royale pros determining that the gun is overpowered before it even officially releases.

If you haven't heard of the CX-9 SMG yet, you're not the only one. Originally, it appears that this gun was going to be one of Modern Warfare Season 7's weapons.

However, it appears that plans for the update soon changed with the addition of Black Ops Cold War Season 1.

We first discovered the CX-9 and another weapon in the Modern Warfare files back in December 2020. But since that point, Activision still hasn't released the gun - confusing fans everywhere.

cx-9 warzone
(Source: Activision)

However, now pros are raising concerns that the CX-9 will be overpowered in Warzone, even before its official release.

Want to give the SMG a try for yourself? Here's how to unlock the CX-9 early.

CX-9 Has a 'Crazy' TTK in Warzone, Is It Overpowered?

In a new video, NICKMERCS highlights the overpowered new CX-9 SMG with some top-tier Warzone gameplay.

Although you can't put a CX-9 in your loadout just yet, there is a way to use the upcoming weapon in-game.

Here's where to find the CX-9 in Warzone, and try it out in the battle royale!

It's clear that NICKMERCS is very excited to have a gun like the Black Ops 2 Scorpion in the game, but he's also nervous about the new release:

"It is incredible," the Twitch and YouTube star begins. "This thing beams, it beams at any range, it's got a crazy TTK, it's gotta be off the charts."

NICKMERCS Warzone Overpowered CX-9

Assuming that the gun releases untouched from its current state in-game, NICKMERCS believes that it's all you're going to see players run.

If this is true, we're already getting flashbacks to the horrible Warzone DMR meta which broke the game. Or the new Warzone AUG meta which is ruining the battle royale right now.

And from the gameplay in the video, we can see why NICKMERCS is afraid of the CX-9 being overpowered. The Serac, as it appears in Warzone right now, is powerful, fast-firing, and has excellent range.

Yesterday we saw new statistics reveal Warzone Season 2's best guns. We imagine that the CX-9 will be quick to overtake some of the contenders on that list.

Thankfully, it can also make short work of the undead, as Warzone's Zombies begin to leave the Shipwreck and head into Verdansk.

Also, Warzone's most Pay-to-Win skin is making players invisible now, in an issue that needs fixing ASAP.

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