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New Cold War Zombies Map Details Supposedly Leaked

There's a new leak for Black Ops Cold War Zombies that supposedly reveals details about a new map. However, we'd take this one with a pinch of salt, as cool as it sounds.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies is an excellent addition to Call of Duty's undead lineup. There's just one issue - Cold War released with only a single map to play on.

Despite new Cold War Zombie game modes dropping after launch, players are still waiting on that next big update. Thankfully, we know that a new Black Ops Cold War Zombies map is coming in Season 2.

(Source: Activision)

From what we've seen in the past, there's a strong possibility that the new Cold War Zombies map is set in Vietnam. However, a new leak appears to provide evidence of yet another map that we're only just now hearing about.

It should be noted that this is a very odd leak, and you'd be right to be skeptical of it. We're certainly not making any claims that this is correct, although we have hope that it might be.

New Cold War Zombies Leak Reveals Demons

Thanks to a new leak, we know about an alleged cut map that was set to come to Zombies in the past. However, the leaker also states that the map, entitled Dead City, may well come to Black Ops Cold War in a future update.

From what we can see, this is a rather different take on Zombies, as it has players fighting demons alongside the undead. In Dead City, players supposedly head back into the 1930-40s, to battle zombies and demons alike.

(Source: TheRelaxingEnd)

The themes of the leaked map include the Occult, Art Deco, and Retro Future Sci-Fi, for a rather confusing mix. What's more, the player characters would be recognizable Hollywood actors, rather than the Operators brought into Die Maschine.

Each player character would have a unique ability, capable of being leveled up throughout the game. What's more, there'd be a new main quest for the players to take part in.

Somewhere in this main quest, players would actually have to "transform into a special demon to progress." We're not denying that this Cold War Zombies map leak sounds entertaining, but its likelihood of being legitimate is slim.

Is This Black Ops Cold War Zombies Leak Real?

Despite our concerns, this leak was retweeted by reliable Call of Duty insider BKT00R on Twitter. This could give the rumor some credibility, although we're still doubtful.

The leak appears to have been taken from a Treyarch presentation, making it remarkably easy to fake. Still, if this one turns out to be true, it'll be one wild ride for Zombies fans.

Recently, a Black Ops Cold War Season 2 leak revealed new maps and a Scorestreak set to come to the game.

And although Treyarch promises new Cold War Zombies content for 115 Day, we don't think this leak is it.

If you're a Zombies fan though, chances are you're excited to try out the game's new shotgun against the undead hordes. Unfortunately, the Streetsweeper is entirely useless in Cold War Zombies.

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