New Call of Duty Warzone Easter Egg Has Players Confused

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There’s one thing that has Call of Duty Warzone players searching through Verdansk for further secrets; easter eggs. In almost all Battle Royale titles, you’re odds on to encounter at least a few of them. Warzone, on the other hand, features more than its fair share of easter eggs.

Warzone ‘Howling’ Easter Egg

Eagle-eyed fans discover new easter eggs practically all the time. Now, in a recent post, one Redditor has shed some light on one of their new findings. If you head over to the Dam, you’ll probably notice some bizarre noises coming from the pipes.

As pointed out by u/Vizuka, these noises appear to resemble screaming or wolf howling. This easter egg seems to have been in Call of Duty Warzone since its launch, although it’s only just starting to garner some attention.

Interestingly, it seems as though these “howling” noises are becoming more and more prominent throughout the world of Verdansk as of recently. In response to the original post, one user claimed they’ve “heard wolves all throughout the map lately….”

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One user followed up by saying “I thought it was just me. We were rotating around Quarry and I heard several wolves howling.” If these comments are anything to go by, from Prison, Quarry, and even to the Dam, it looks like wolf noises are showing up more often.

It’s unclear as to what Infinity Ward is hinting towards or whether there’s any deeper meaning towards this Call of Duty Warzone easter egg whatsoever. Some fans have theorized that this could indicate towards the arrival of zombies – but perhaps that might be a bit of a stretch.

Other theories include this leading to the bunkers in some way, shape, or form. Infinity Ward has also teased a few major map changes coming in Modern Warfare Season 4, so perhaps this easter egg will be involved in some way.

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