Call of Duty has released the first bit of key art for the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone Season 4, but one of the most surprising pieces is the name change for the popular battle royale.

Call of Duty and Warzone 2 had a rocky start due to their continued player dropoff and feedback from the community.

But now it looks like Activision is ready to rebrand Warzone once again as it prepares to launch a brand new map for Season 4 with Vondel.

MW2 & Warzone Season 4 Key Art

Season 4’s key art has recently dropped, confirming that Activision has changed the Call of Duty logo and will also drop the “2” from Warzone 2’s logo.

Here is the key art for MW2 and Warzone Season 4, featuring the main operator Nikto:

MW2 & Warzone Season 4 Key Art Featured Operator

Here is the key art for Warzone Season 4, giving us a glimpse of the new Vondel map in Amsterdam:

Warzone Season 4 Key Art

Activision also confirmed that players would get an in-depth look at everything coming when Season 4 releases during Summer Game Fest tomorrow.

New Call of Duty Logo Font

The Season 4 key art also showcases the new Call of Duty logo, which uses a new font opting for a blocky retro look.

Below you can see a comparison between the old and new Call of Duty logos:

Call of Duty Logo
Top: New Logo
Bottom: Old Logo

Warzone 2 Is Now Called “Warzone” Again

After just over six months since its release, Warzone 2 has reverted to its original name, “Warzone”. This is except for the Call of Duty logo part, which is now in line with the new version.

The new Warzone logo completely drops the “2.0” from its title, which means it will just be called Warzone going forward.

You can see a comparison of the old and new Warzone 2 logo below.

Old Warzone 2 Logo vs New Warzone Logo
Left: Original Warzone 2 Logo
Right: New Warzone Logo (same as before Warzone 2 launched but with a different “Call of Duty” logo)

Rumors were circulating about this change, and with these new key art images, players now have confirmation that Warzone will drop the 2.0 from its title.

At this point, most players were referring to it as Warzone 2, but it seems that Call of Duty is looking to rebrand its battle royale to fit it in a more positive light.

It makes sense to do it now since they’ll also release a brand new map with Vondel during the upcoming season.

Although, this could possibly cause some confusion since the original Warzone is still live with the Caldera map.

Players are wondering if this name change means more changes to Warzone that will more closely resemble the original, but for now, Raven Software has yet to mention anything.

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