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Black Ops Cold War Teaser Site Offers New Look at Zombies

The Black Ops Cold War Zombies teasers just keep piling up. While a leak hints at zombies popping up in Warzone Season 6, everyone knows that the next Treyarch Call of Duty title will carry the true zombie action.

Treyarch's Call of Duty titles have made the Zombies mode infamous. The next installment is sure to raise the bar come November 13.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Teasers

Teaser site Pawn Takes Pawn has been providing Zombies updates in an unorthodox manner.

First Black Ops Cold War Zombies Teaser

The most recent tease shows the first actual images of Zombies. The pictures include a pile of bodies, a mechanical gauge of sorts, and zombies potentially finding their next meal.

The teasers are set to continue. Users that sign up to the site are able to see that the next steps for the Zombies teaser will be unlocked on September 28 at 12PM EDT.

Black Ops Cold War PawnTakesPawn ZORK Teaser

All of these teasers could very well lead to a reveal in Warzone, much like the debut of the main trailer.

Previous Zombies Teasers

Recently, Treyarch sent several content creators, such as NoahJ456, mystery boxes. NoahJ456's boxes contained old computer hardware, several documents, and clues to decypher.

Pawn Takes Pawn has been building towards Zombies for quite some time now. There are several interactive pieces of the site.

One interactive object is similar to the computer that creators received. Others include a safe, a fax machine, and a set of video tapes.

PawnTakesPawn Security Safe

The Black Ops Cold War Alpha took place without a chance to dive into the Zombies mode. Players are hopeful that Zombies may be included in the open beta once it goes live in October.

These teasers are sure to culminate in something big. Black Ops Cold War Zombies may be Treyarch's most ambitious project involving the undead to date.