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Treyarch Teases New Black Ops Cold War Zombies Miniboss Ahead of Season 6 Map

Treyarch has posted a Zombies teaser for Season 6, and it features a new miniboss!

As we are gearing up for the epic finale of the Black Ops Cold War Zombies experience, we now have another look at one of the monsters we will be facing.

The next major update will likely be the very last season of Black Ops Cold War. And it looks like Mason is arriving alongside Cold War Season 6, after a huge betrayal from an ally.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies
(Source: Activision)

After that, the following round-based map is reportedly not coming until Season 1 of Vanguard, which has upset many fans.

Let’s take a lot at what to expect in the final zombie showdown until the story picks up again in Vanguard.

New Cold War Zombies Miniboss Revealed Ahead of New Season

New horrors have emerged from the Dark Aether, as a Cold War Zombies miniboss arrives on the scene.

In the teaser image, we can see a Margwa-like being with two heads and razor-sharp teeth. It’s seemingly guarding a portal, the same portals present in Firebase Z.

Margwas have not been seen since Black Ops 4, but maybe the time has come for them to return and take kingship over the Dark Aether.

The new teaser comes after a string of teases have been let loose by Treyarch regarding the Vanguard Zombies Map. Which is reportedly going to debut with an Onslaught / Outbreak hybrid.

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Cold War Zombies Mauer Der Toten
(Source: Activision)

With Treyarch heading the development of zombies in Vanguard, fans can rest assured to expect the same classic zombie experience, all with the Sledgehammer Games World War 2 feeling.

Even though the Vanguard beta has been plagued with hackers Sledgehammer Games have been diligent with bug-squashing and listening to players feedback

The community is showing their displease at the possibility of the first round-based map not coming until Season 1, but this would give Treyarch more time deliver the kind of experience we have come to expect from them.

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