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New Black Ops Cold War Zombies Map Teased by Treyarch

With 115 day around the corner, Treyarch has decided to tease the community with a brand new image for their next zombies experience.

Teaser Image

New Zombies Map image Black Ops Cold War
Teaser Image for the new map

Treyarch posted this picture on Twitter today with the caption:

"Projekt Endstation was only the beginning."

Meaning, that this map will be a direct sequel to Die Maschine.

Many zombies fans have been asking Treyarch to release a new map ever since Season One started. Many believe that this map will either be releases this Friday or at the beginning of Season Two.

115 Day is a Call of Duty recognized zombies fan day where Treyarch treats the community with special rewards and other in-game content. So there could be a slight chance that this brand new map will be released on Friday.

On the other hand, with Black Ops Cold War Season One already halfway done, some believe that this teaser image is just promotional material for the next Season ahead of time.

In the image, it is hard to tell where the new zombies map will take place. However, speculation in the community is that the next map will take place in Vietnam.

There is evidence to suggest the existence of a Vietnam zombies map through intel that you collect while playing the game.

Others have begged Treyarch to add a standalone Nacht Der Untoten survival map for people to have a more casual and barebones experience.

From this image alone, it looks like this map would be a latter of the two options.

Either way, fans are enthusiastic about this new zombies experience and cannot wait to sink their teeth into it.

2X Weapon XP Weekend

Black Ops Cold War Zombies 2X XP image
2X XP Weekend Image from Treayrch

Alongside the new image, Treyarch announced that starting on 115 Day at 10AM PT, zombies fans will be treated with 2X weapon XP weekend ending on January 19th at 10AM PT.

Fans have been vying for another double XP weekend to happen so they can level up their weapons more efficiently.

With all of the new zombies intel coming to the community so quickly within the last week, it is important to stay on top of your game. Check out some of our other helpful zombies guides:

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