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New Black Ops Cold War Leak Reveals Riot Shield

It seems like the Riot Shield could be coming to Black Ops Cold War, according to a new leak.

One of Call of Duty’s most divisive weapons could be coming to Black Ops Cold War, if a new leak is to be believed. According to multiple sources online, there are rumors that the Riot Shield could arrive in Cold War soon.

This would join the Sledgehammer and Wakizashi as Cold War’s newest melee weapon. However, the Riot Shield also comes with an undeniable advantage over the other equips.

(Source: Activision)

We’re referring, of course, to the fact that Riot Shields tend to be able to block incoming bullets completely. Partner this class up with a few Stun Grenades, and you’ve got a recipe for some easy melee kills.

Riot Shield Leaks for Black Ops Cold War

This news comes after a leaked video of the Black Ops Cold War Riot Shield in action was posted to YouTube. The video appears to show off the ‘Assault Shield’ weapon, live in Cold War’s Zombie mode.

However, it’s also worth pointing out that the video comes from a channel named Grophy, which specializes in Cold War ‘Hacks & Mods.’ We’re not saying this isn’t real footage, but take it with a pinch of salt for now.

Some gamers are quick to claim that the Riot Shield shown in the footage may be older assets from past titles. However, this could well still be coming to Treyarch’s game regardless.

If the Riot Shield is indeed coming to Cold War, it’s sure to upset a lot of fans, and make others very happy. Although the Riot Shield is an interesting and different way to play, coming up against one can be frustrating.

In fact, Warzone players often make fun of Riot Shield players in the battle royale. However, given the current DMR-heavy meta, a Riot Shield is the perfect Warzone counter right now.

We’ll have to wait for confirmation on Treyarch’s part to find out whether this Cold War Riot Shield is the real deal. But we’re hoping that Black Ops Cold War’s new unlock doesn’t join our list of the most overpowered Call of Duty weapons of all-time.

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