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New Black Ops Cold War FOV Feature and Best Settings

Black Ops Cold War console and PC players rejoice as a heavily-requested FOV slider comes to all platforms.

As part of the latest update with the Black Ops Cold War Beta, players’ visions are expanding. In an effort to optimize gameplay for all users, developer Treyarch is bringing the much-needed feature to the upcoming title.

What is FOV in Black Ops Cold War?

For those out of the loop, FOV stands for Field of View, and it refers to the extent of the observable game world visible at any one point. Typically, a FOV slider will display a number corresponding to the viewed angle.

The greater the number, the more of the game world you can see at one time. Obviously, seeing more of the world around you is an advantage for players, but you don’t want to expand too far.

Too large a Field of View will lead to too much on your screen at once. This is sure to make it hard to pick out enemies against the game’s backgrounds.

Treyarch is finally bringing a FOV slider, allowing players to alter their vision cone, to both PC and console. In the Black Ops Cold War Open Beta, all participants will have the option to try out the new feature.

The reason for FOV settings to come to all platforms is so that the game can boast a globally connected, true cross-play experience. According to a new Treyarch blog: “The team is dedicated to providing the best performance possible for this feature across all platforms at launch.”

What FOV Is Best for Black Ops Cold War?

Everyone has a slightly different answer to this question, and it largely depends on preference. If you’re a console player, your field of view on Call of Duty games has previously been locked at around 60-65 degrees.

Field of View Black Ops
(Source: Treyarch)

Now that you are free to try out new settings, consider gradually widening your FOV. As you do so, targets will appear smaller, but the overall vision will be enhanced.

Some players swear by 120 FOV, which is the maximum on most sliders. Others report that having the vision so wide leads to something of a fisheye lens effect.

It’s also worth taking the size of your monitor into consideration when adjusting these settings. On a larger monitor, you can more easily increase FOV with fewer drawbacks.

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Popular FOV choices include 90, 100, and 120. The sweet spot for Modern Warfare players is usually around 103, so play around to see which one suits you best.

For PC players, take into consideration that aim assist on controller may not work on FOVs higher than around 85.

This isn’t the only new Black Ops Cold War change from Alpha though. Treyarch is clearly working hard to ensure that fans are able to enjoy their Beta.

Meanwhile, Warzone players are complaining about terrible PC performance in Season 6. It goes to show which Call of Duty developers are truly trying to impress the fans right now.

Who can blame them though? After all, they’ve got a new game to sell.

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