Call of Duty is asking players to choose between Woods and Adler in a new teaser image for Black Ops 6 on Instagram!

The Call of Duty: Black Ops games have their fair share of iconic characters. Of course, the classic stars of the series are Frank Woods and Alex Mason, but despite only appearing in Black Ops Cold War, Russell Adler is fast becoming a fan-favorite.

Unfortunately, it looks like Woods and Adler may be pitted against each other in Black Ops 6! At least, that’s what all of the teasers for the game so far are hinting at!

Black Ops 6 Wolves Logo

Will Woods Be Pitted Against Adler in Black Ops 6?

A new story on Call of Duty’s Instagram page poses the question, “Which one would you trust with your life?”, and gives the option between Frank Woods and Russell Adler.

At the time of writing, 85% of responses have been for Woods and just 15% for Adler, showing there’s only one winner. However, there’s a good reason for this response!

Call of Duty Woods vs Adler Instagram Poll

A number of Black Ops 6 teasers have been found in Warzone, and they paint Adler as a very untrustworthy character, to say the least. In fact, they show that Adler is wanted by the CIA in Black Ops 6!

Furthermore, a new Warzone teaser featuring Frank Woods says that the CIA is hunting down a mole. Putting these hints together suggests that Adler is the mole that they are looking for!

This could set up a storyline pitting the CIA against Adler. And, even though Frank Woods is now in a wheelchair, he could be directing the operation to track down his former ally!

Black Ops 6 Teaser With Frank Woods in a Wheelchair

However, things are rarely what they seem in the Call of Duty: Black Ops games so we expect a number of twists and turns as this storyline unfolds.

Make sure to tune in to the Black Ops 6 Direct presentation on June 9. This should reveal more about the campaign and story of the upcoming game!

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