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New Battlefield Images Leak Ahead of Trailer Release

We may not have our Battlefield trailer just yet, but the leak of two new images shows us what it’s going to look like when it drops.

It’s finally May, which means only two things. It’s going to get easier to find PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, and there’s a new Battlefield trailer incoming.

Thanks to one credible leaker, we know that Battlefield’s official trailer release date is very close. And as we anxiously wait on the footage to drop, two new images of the game are already arriving.

(Source: Activision)

Right now, insider Tom Henderson is our go-to when it comes to all things Battlefield. And with the leaker already confirming that the images are legit, this is our first-ever look at Battlefield’s visuals.

Rumor has it that Battlefield could be next-gen exclusive on release, meaning that viewers should ignore the low resolution of these images. Expect the game to look stunning on release, as we see Battlefield’s robot dog vehicles in stunning 4K.

Battlefield 6 Images Leak Online Early

Although the game is rumored to go by Battlefield, rather than Battlefield 6, we have an early look at the title through these new image leaks.

It’s unclear where exactly the Battlefield images originated from, but the leak quickly spread around the internet. And it didn’t take long for fans to notice that the images match our first look at the Battlefield trailer from last month.

In the first image, we can see the opening shot of the Battlefield trailer, with what looks to be a tropical island. There’s a long stretch of beach, some forest area, hilltops, and even a large building or two showing off the scale of the game’s map.

(Source: Activision)

We can even see our first look at the incoming Battlefield environmental hazards that will destroy the maps, with an incoming storm in the distance.

In image two, we can see one of Battlefield’s rocket launch sites, and a fighter jet soaring above. The perspective appears to be from a vehicle cockpit, and we can see our first glimpse of the Battlefield UI.

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Although these images are not confirmed legit, and neither is the word of Tom Henderson, this is one of the most realistic leaks we’ve ever seen. Given that it matches up with the leaker’s past statements and sketches, it’d be a real effort to fake this.

Recently, Henderson provided new details on Battlefield 6’s new map, movement, and SBMM. And a new rumor reveals more about Battlefield’s free-to-play battle royale mode.

Some streamers are already claiming that Battlefield will beat Warzone as the world’s best battle royale. And with EA officially announcing Battlefield, we can’t wait to see a trailer drop for the mode imminently.

Finally, it’s good news for Xbox and PC fans, as Battlefield may launch on Game Pass!

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