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New Battlefield 2042 Trailer Features Huge Frame Drops & FPS Issues

The latest Battlefield 2042 trailer has got fans worried about the game – if the trailer has frame drops then it’s not looking good for the full release!

Gamers all over the world can’t wait to finally play Battlefield 2042. However, they might want to temper their expectations a bit.

Following the significant release date delay and then the problem-riddled Beta, Battlefield fans now have even more to worry about.

A new trailer for the game has just dropped but even this looks rough, thanks to some severe frame rate drops and FPS issues.

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Battlefield 2042 Solar Panels

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Trailer Shows Low Frame Rate & FPS Drops

Just a few days after a new Battlefield 2042 trailer revealed 3 maps, NVIDIA has shared some new gameplay glimpses. However, it isn’t looking good.

The gigantic map sizes and huge player counts in Battlefield 2042 are very ambitious. Therefore, it was always going to be a challenge for DICE to get the game running smoothly.

However, despite DICE making a load of improvements since the Battlefield 2042 Beta, the latest gameplay trailer is still looking rough.

Many players have spotted some huge frame rate drops in the new trailer. In particular, the part in the helicopter 33 seconds in shows gameplay which seems to drop significantly.

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This is very worrying for two reasons. First, the Battlefield 2042 release date is only a few weeks away now, and also a trailer should make the game look good.

If the trailer stutters this much, then who knows how bad frame rate issues could be in Battlefield 2042? Let’s hope that the studio irons out all of the performance issues before the game releases.

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NVIDIA GeForce YouTube

Meanwhile, the final announcements for Battlefield 2042 have been coming thick and fast. First, the exciting new Hazard Zone game mode was finally revealed.

Next, DICE revealed the final 5 launch Specialists for Battlefield 2042. However, this sparked concerns over an overpowered ‘wallhacks’ gadget and trait.

Finally, most recently, a famous NFL quarterback starred in a Battlefield 2042 trailer. This made even sports fans hyped for the game too!

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