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New Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Release Date Leaked After Recent Delay

Battlefield 2042 just got a small delay, and it looks as though its Beta release date is also getting an adjustment.

The news we were all dreading is finally here – Battlefield 2042 is delayed. After months of little-to-no gameplay, a lack of communication, and some lackluster leaked Alpha gameplay, we’re not surprised.

Yesterday, rumors of a Battlefield 2042 delay spread like wildfire. And it was only a matter of hours later that EA confirmed the new Battlefield 2042 release date.

Battlefield 2042
(Source: EA)

In the meantime, we’re getting new datamined weapon customization and Hazard Zone details at least! But now, we won’t be going hands-on with the full game until after the launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard.

That said, we’ve still got the new Battlefield 2042 Open Beta release date to look forward to…

New Battlefield 2042 Open Beta Release Date

Wondering exactly when the new Battlefield 2042 Open Beta will take place? We may have an answer for you, thanks to a fresh leak.

Previously, the Battlefield 2042 Beta was scheduled to take place in September 2021, but it appears that is no longer the case. Now, it seems that the Battlefield 2042 Beta release date has been delayed for a second time.

According to a new leak from Battlefield insider Tom Henderson, the new Battlefield 2042 Beta will launch on October 6 for Early Access players. Then, the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta will go live 2 days later for all players, on October 8.

Only time will tell if these dates prove to be correct. For now, Henderson isn’t able to share his source, claiming that the dates come from ‘an internal system.’

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Battlefield 2042
(Source: EA)

It’s also worth noting that this delay appears to be surprising a number of content creators and goes against what we’ve been told in the past. With that in mind, we expect that not everyone in the development team was fully aware of the change in release date.

Even if the Open Beta leak is correct, things clearly aren’t set in stone right now.

But at least we’ve got a huge new leak revealing all of the Battlefield 2042 Specialists early.

And there’s even some new Battlefield 2042 gameplay from our launch Specialists to check out.

Meanwhile, Battlefield Mobile is looking a lot better than we ever expected it to. Let’s just hope that the upcoming release doesn’t get the Battlefield 2042 treatment and get pushed back.

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