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New Battlefield 2042 Dozer Shield Glitch Lets You Teleport Through Walls

Battlefield 2042 players have found a crazy new glitch with Dozer’s shield that lets you teleport through walls!

It’s fair to say that the early access period for Battlefield 2042 hasn’t gone very smoothly. Whether it is gameplay issues or design choices, most fans have a number of problems with the game.

This is without even mentioning all of the glitches like hovercrafts being able to drive up walls in Battlefield 2042. Although, this isn’t the only crazy bug in the game right now.

Unsurprisingly, Battlefield players have recently found yet another game-breaking glitch. This time it involves Dozer’s shield letting you teleport through walls!

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Dozer Ballistic Shield Battlefield 2042 Bug

Battlefield 2042 Dozer Shield Wall Glitch Lets You Teleport

Battlefield 2042 players have been demanding refunds after the “broken” launch and the problems keep getting worse.

Following complaints of low FPS gameplay in Battlefield 2042 as well as issues with the terrible audio design and the broken aim assist on console versions of the game, players have now found a possibly game-breaking glitch.

Specialist Santiago ‘Dozer’ Espinoza’s SOB-8 Ballistic Shield has been plagued with bugs so far. In fact, DICE temporarily removed it from the game because of an exploit and has only just added it back.

However, since its reintroduction, players have now found that still has a huge problem – just a different one. A new clip on the Battlefield 2042 subreddit shows a player teleporting through a wall using Dozer’s shield.

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Dozer Battlefield 2042 Specialist

To do the Dozer shield teleport glitch, you first need to have your back to the wall and be holding the shield. Then, go to your settings menu and change your graphics preset.

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Somehow, this will teleport you through the wall behind you. While it seems relatively harmless so far, this could end up being game-breaking if players can use it to get to spots where they can’t be killed.

Hopefully, Battlefield 2042 developer DICE sees this Dozer shield teleport glitch and fixes it soon. Although, the players would probably prefer the developer to finally add a scoreboard to Battlefield 2042.

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