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New Anti-Cheat Software Coming To PlayStation 5

An anti-cheat software company has announced their collaboration with PlayStation, bringing their technology to PS5 games.

The next generation has been pretty clean for cheaters so far. The latest generation of games hasn't suffered too much from the plight of cheaters, thankfully.

Some outliers in Call of Duty's latest Black Ops Cold War might keep the PS5 from being a cheater-free gaming heaven, but beyond that, it's done pretty well for its first-party titles.

The Call of Duty cheaters are still running rampant; even pro Cold War players are being exposed for cheating.

Sony Signs Exclusive Deal for Exclusive Anti-Cheat on PlayStation 5
The PlayStation 5

But, this lack of cheaters could change at any given moment. All it takes is some weakened firmware in any type of game, and the floodgates will be opened.

Thankfully, though, Sony is making some good connections. An anti-cheating software company has announced its upcoming collaboration with PlayStation. And it could help keep those frustrating cheaters out of your favorite games.

Denuvo Anti-Cheat Comes To PlayStation 5

Thankfully, it seems as though cheating on the PlayStation 5 has ended before t's even begun.

In a blog post on the Irdeto site, Denuvo has announced that their anti-cheat software will become available to game publishers in order to curb cheating on the new console.

Denuvo is a product of Irdeto and is a service that will be offered to game developers to help toughen up their resistance to cheaters in-game.

They say in the blog post "Today, as a member of ecosystem players, Denuvo will carry on its mission of bringing fairness and fun back to gaming by providing its Anti-Cheat solution to all developers who want to protect their games and gamers, from hackers and cheaters, on PlayStation 5".

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They then go on to explain how the system works;

Denuvo’s Anti-Cheat incorporates advanced technology to secure both online gameplay as well as securely reward offline progress. The technology helps game developers protect sensitive game logic or data, preventing cheaters from changing sensitive variables and ensuring its trustworthiness.

This collaboration is a part of a "tools and middleware program". This means that Denuvo offers the exclusivity of their systems to publishers who work with Sony.

Sony Signs Exclusive Deal for Exclusive Anti-Cheat on PlayStation 5
The PlayStation 5

If Denuvo can effectively rid their games of cheaters, PlayStation may have the best anti-cheating measures in the whole gaming industry.

It's exciting news, and we're incredibly excited to see how this collaboration aids game developers.

That's certainly not the most exciting PlayStation news as of recently; more and more PS5 restocks are coming about. A major PS5 UK stock drop is coming tomorrow, so you'll want to be quick on the draw.

Plus, for you American PlayStation fans, there are drops coming for you too. A new Target PS5 stock drop is coming very soon.

If you need a hand picking up a console from the retailer, we have you covered. Here's our full guide to getting a PS5 from Target.

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