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New 6v6 Maps Coming to Modern Warfare Soon

Modern Warfare is getting new maps soon.
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It only seems like yesterday when three classic maps – Crash, Shipment, and Vacant – were introduced into Modern Warfare as post-launch content. But now, the popular shooter is getting even more maps in the traditional layout of 6v6, Infinity Ward has confirmed.

The company took to Twitter to spread the exciting news. Joel Emslie, Infinity Ward’s art director, was the first dev to break the news. In a recent tweet, he responded to one fan requesting to see more 6v6 maps implemented into the game. His response was something every Call of Duty fan wants to see, by saying the following:

New Modern Warfare Maps 2020

Infinity Ward has not confirmed what these maps will be, but with some research, we might have an idea of what to expect. The in-game files have previously alluded to the return of Terminal, Rust, and much more. These were all discovered thanks to the hard-working efforts of data miners.

Modern Warfare Terminal

Although these might seem unlikely, the upcoming maps should mainly originate from past Call of Duty titles. As such, the prospect of all of these classics coming to Modern Warfare doesn’t seem too much of a stretch after all.

The last maps to release were mainly from Call of Duty 4. With this in mind, it’s possible that the upcoming set will be from Modern Warfare 2. This will then presumably be followed with MW3 – but that’s far from confirmed.

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It’s unclear as to when these maps will arrive. Infinity Ward was vague of this subject, in particular, merely mentioning that they will launch “soon.” Perhaps they could release as part of Season 2, in addition to the highly-anticipated Battle Royale mode. If the last major content drop is anything to go by, some maps should launch at the start of the new season, whereas may arrive later on.

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