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New 4K Nintendo Switch Upgrade Coming Very Soon, Reports Indicate

There’s a new Nintendo Switch about to arrive on the scene, with a significant upgrade over the current model.

For well over a year now, we’ve been hearing rumors about a Nintendo Switch Pro console. The device is said to have more power and upgraded visuals over its predecessor, two things that Nintendo’s hybrid console desperately needs.

But despite all the rumors, we’ve heard little from Nintendo regarding the topic. Now though, some very strong sources are reporting that the new model is just around the corner.

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Nintendo Pokemon Zelda Big Reveals Soon Leak
(Source: Nintendo)

New Nintendo Switch Pro Model Reveal Before E3?

According to a new report by Bloomberg, the Nintendo Switch ‘Pro’ could get a reveal ahead of E3.

With Nintendo set to make a major presentation at E3 2021, a console upgrade reveal seems in order too. Bloomberg reports that the reveal will allow major third parties to showcase a full range of titles during the event.

Here’s what Nintendo has planned for E3, with Splatoon, Zelda, Smash Bros., and more!

Reportedly, the new Nintendo Switch model will be a replacement for the current handheld/console hybrid. The new Nintendo Switch will apparently feature 4K resolution in docked mode, bringing it in line with the PS5 and Series X.

On top of that, the system will allegedly have an NVIDIA GPU upgrade, with a 7-inch Samsung OLED display. Could this mean that the Nintendo Switch will take advantage of NVIDIA DLSS after all?

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nintendo switch
(Source: Nintendo)

Nintendo insider Emily Rogers believes so, claiming that the Nintendo Switch will feature better CPU, increased memory, and DLSS support.

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In return, the Nintendo Switch replacement will phase out its older variant, and it could raise the price point from its $299 mark.

Two New Nintendo Switch Consoles Dropping Soon

However, there could in-fact be two new Nintendo Switch consoles dropping soon, according to one leaker.

Samus Hunter, one of Nintendo’s most accurate leakers, believes that there may be two new Nintendo Switch consoles in the pipeline. The first is the New Nintendo Switch upgrade, which Bloomberg reveals above.

The second would be a fully-fledged Nintendo Switch Pro, featuring better performance than the base model. Interestingly, Samus Hunter initially believed that the two consoles would get a reveal together. Now though, it appears that Nintendo may be saving the Pro reveal for a later date.

We can see why they’d do so. After all, the Nintendo Switch is still outselling the PS5 and Xbox Series X by a huge margin. What’s more, manufacturing a new console can be an incredible strain on resources, and a Nintendo Switch shortage is already on its way.

This isn’t the only big Nintendo news dropping lately, however. We just got our release dates for Pokemon’s Diamond and Pearl remakes, as well as for Legends: Arceus!

And a big leak is revealing Nintendo’s E3 2021 games and more, ahead of next month’s event!

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