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EA Delays Need For Speed To Work On Battlefield 6

In an interesting turn of events, EA's Criterion Games have stopped working on a new Need For Speed game to assist in Battlefield 6's production.

Battlefield 6 is already shaping up to be one of this gaming generation's defining games. As is the case for most Battlefield games, huge remarkable action set-pieces will take the forefront, and return the player to the bombastic action they're used to from the series.

Need For Speed Delayed for Battlefield 6 Production
Battlefield 3

Naturally, though, these games take time. To focus on such massive building destruction and huge player counts in lobbies takes a lot of work.

And now, with Battlefield 4's easter egg reactivating and Dr. Disrespect stoking excitement with his comments on its battle royale mode, fans are itching for the first look at the new game.

DICE's teams are huge, and dedicate immense time and effort to these games. But now, it looks like they need an extra hand.

Criterion Games Are Back To Working With DICE on Battlefield 6

As production is in full swing on such a huge game, we can't imagine the huge workloads the developers are taking on. Luckily, though, they've got some assistance.

EA has announced that the Need For Speed franchise is to be put on hold. The next game in the series has been postponed for a year, and its studio, Criterion Games, is to support DICE on their production of Battlefield 6.

Laura Miele, the chief studios' officer for EA has revealed the information to Polygon.

She insists that due to pandemic working conditions and the Codemasters acquisition offering at least one racing game for EA in 2021, it was a "rational call".

Need For Speed Delayed for Battlefield 6 Production
Need For Speed Heat

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It's a move that makes sense, especially given the huge task that DICE seems to be taking on. Battlefield 6 is shaping up to be a game-changer due to its scope, so they need all the help they can get.

This shift implies one of two things; either developers are struggling to keep up with their huge tasks, or they fully understand their magnitude and are preemptively taking on more help. We like to think it's the latter.

In fact, Miele mentions this to Polygon, saying that the game is "shaping up great, the team has been working incredibly hard [...] We have a great game and some incredible potential with this game."

Reassuring words. We hope they come to ring true, and that the next Battlefield experience is worth Need For Speed's sacrifice.

Still, Battlefield 6 is incredibly exciting even on its own. A huge leak has suggested 128 player games, cross-gen, battle royale, and more for Battlefield 6.

Plus, it's suggested that a trailer and release date could be coming soon.

Fingers crossed the next-gen stock problems are cured before the game's release. 15,000 PS5s are being released this week, so keep an eye out. An industry expert has suggested a way to resolve the next-gen stock crisis, too.

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Monday 1st of March 2021

btw the new rebirth does suck, tooooo many players


Monday 1st of March 2021

how long for the PC downage... this sux