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Naruto Could Be Coming to MultiVersus, Datamine Suggests

It seems that MultiVersus could have a Naruto representative, with the title having an interesting OC in its files.

MultiVersus recently concluded its Closed Alpha and thousands of players are eager to go hands-on with the title again soon. Already, fans are speculating about what the game’s next trial could have to offer, and we’ve been getting new leaks and information pouring in.

Most recently, the leaker who originally leaked the game before its announcement revealed several iconic characters coming to MultiVersus at launch.

And we even know some of the unreleased skins coming to MultiVersus, including Ryu Shaggy and Fern from Adventure Time.

But now, the game’s most interesting cameo may be leaking. Is Naruto coming to MultiVersus too?

Warner Bros.

MultiVersus’ Ninja Character Might Be a Naruto Placeholder

A recent leak reveals that MultiVersus has an original Ninja character, but it has a rather suspicious moveset.

Those who took part in the Closed Alpha will know that MultiVersus has one original character so far: Reindog. But that doesn’t seem to be the extent of the game’s OC roster.

In the game files, dataminers have found references to Brute and Ninja, two characters that could potentially be placeholders. Although Ninja is a fully-realized skin in its own right, what’s interesting is that it has a very Naruto-esque special move.

Leaker LusiaMV reveals that the character can use a projectile codenamed ‘ShadowClone’ to dash forward, leaving a clone in its place. The ‘Shadow Clone’ then attacks the enemy, sending them flying towards the real player, presumably for follow-up attacks, before disappearing.

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Naruto Reference Found in MultiVersus Files

Ignoring the fact that this move is taken straight out of Naruto’s wheelhouse, and Shadow Clone Jutsu is one of the anime character’s signature moves, there’s one other piece of evidence we find compelling.

ShadowClone also refers to a projectile in the files that appears to be a spinning version of the Naruto seal originally used to hold the Nine Tailed Fox, Kurama.

Could Ninja simply be a placeholder character to be officially replaced by Naruto at launch? Although Warner Bros. doesn’t hold the rights to the character, it has been involved in the DVD distribution of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden in the past.

Of course, MultiVersus could also feature guest characters in its full release too! Perhaps that’s why devs are holding back on reveals until the Warner Bros. roster is complete.

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Naruto Seal

Or, is Ninja simply an original character taking inspiration from the most popular ninja franchise to date? The Naruto seal could just be a fun developer reference while the actual move is in the works.

We’ll have to wait and see what lies in store for us. Meanwhile, the MultiVersus Director just confirmed they’d include iconic horror villains, with one condition.

And if Naruto doesn’t officially arrive, he could always join the fight on PC. With mods, Minecraft Steve, Goku, and more are already in MultiVersus!

Don’t miss out on the game’s upcoming Open Beta! While we don’t know if Naruto will be making his debut, Open Beta unlocks will reportedly be permanent!

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