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Nacon Unveils New Line of Next-Gen Xbox Controllers

Gaming hardware specialist Nacon has revealed a new line of next-gen Xbox controllers, coming soon.

First-party controllers might always be the best way to play, but they’re not always the only option fans have. In a new post to Nacon’s Twitter page, the controller manufacturer reveals a new line of Xbox hardware for next-gen gaming.

Set to launch in early 2021, Nacon is bringing a range of new technology to its roster. Not only does the brand have a controller for Xbox Series X, but it also brings new Cloud Gaming kit to the market.

Nacon is making it easier than ever to get the games in, no matter what device you play on. Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Windows PC, and even Android devices are supported by the new range of controllers.

The full line-up can be seen below:

Nacon’s Xbox Controllers

Revolution X

First and foremost, we have the Revolution X. A high-end controller designed for high-end gaming, this kit works smoothly with the next-gen Xbox.

Both the Xbox Series X and S are supported, as well as both Xbox One consoles and Windows PCs. The solid design boasts customizable profiles, as well as a range of pack-in features.

The Revolution X comes with additional weights, joystick accessories, and a carrying case. If you’re willing to shell out a little more for your gaming hardware, this is the controller for you.

Pro Compact

Next up, the Pro Compact series is aimed at the more casual players out there. These controllers are smaller, easier to take on the go.

They still boast a comfortable design, although with slightly less in terms of customization options. The programmable buttons and trigger sensitivity controls are still available, however.

What’s more, the Pro Compact comes in both black and white colour schemes. Xbox fans can match their console of choice when picking up next-gen hardware.

MG-X Series

For those who are looking to get started with Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming, there’s a controller for you. In fact, there are two of them.

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Nacon’s MG-X is a compact design, perfect for taking with you on the go. For those looking for the iconic Xbox controller feel though, the MG-X Pro is for you.

The larger handset offers the authentic feel of an Xbox controller. With either controller, you’ll be able to easily stream Xbox games to your Android device of choice.

The upcoming range of controllers is Nacon’s best-looking hardware yet, by far. Xbox themselves have even commented on the line-up in a new Tweet.

Despite the Xbox Series X already being distributed, these new devices won’t launch until 2021. However, that may make them the ideal choice for gamers picking up the next-gen console early next year.

Perhaps by then, the Xbox Series X will be back in stock. It seems that Xbox Series S stock is still available as players make the choice to wait for more powerful hardware.

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