Completing the MWZ Escort contracts solo in the higher tier zones can be difficult as tons of zombies spawn and attempt to destroy the ACV. However, by obtaining the V-R11, you can repair the vehicle to total health.

This tip will be particularly helpful for those attempting the extremely tough Elder Sigil contracts in the Dark Aether. The zombies here are stronger than Tier 3.

So, let’s dive into how to repair the ACV and ensure the undead horde does not destroy the vehicle before you earn your contract rewards.

How to Repair ACV Escort in MWZ

To repair the ACV Escort vehicle in MWZ, you will need to have the V-R11 Wonder Weapon and Pack-a-Punched it at least once.

Then, you can simply shoot the weapon at the ACV to repair its health. Upgrading the V-R11 in MW3 Zombies enables it to regenerate the health of any vehicle.

You can view this feature in action in the Reddit clip below:

VR11 Can Heal Any ACV! Quick tip for anyone doing ACV in Elder Sigil!
byu/AhmedMoeTv inCODZombies

This tip will be highly beneficial for MWZ gamers attempting to complete the Elder Sigil Escort contract on their own. With only one person killing zombies, the likelihood of the ACV being destroyed is higher.

With this Wonder Weapon, you can constantly repair it, and you won’t have to worry about it being disabled.

To get your hands on the V-R11, you can obtain it by:

  • Finding it as part of contract rewards
  • Receiving one from the Mystery Box
  • Defeating the Red Worm boss
New V-R11 Wonder Weapon in MW3 Zombies

These are all of the currently known ways to get your hands on this Wonder Weapon. Check out our more in-depth guide on how to get the V-R11 to learn more!

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